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Hi all, I have a drone photography business. have had a request from a customer to cover 14 days of TL on a bridge installation at a local major construction project, so am looking to get a first TL kit to test the water for opportunity while fulfilling this job.
I've been looking into numerous ways to achieve this, and I'm sure this will be a swear word in a place such as this, but was about to pull the trigger on a Brinno TLC 200 HDR as a 'point and forget ' waterproof and mountable setup for the job. Possibly even two of them for different viewpoints. I've seen some output on YouTube and it looks half decent, I will be providing hi-res drone photography for the detail of the works.

But before I do.. I have a couple of questions..
Working with a minimal budget (will upgrade if it proves a good avenue for us, but do t want to over invest if it is t..) of around £200 ($260) is there a better option?
Would a GoPro setup be better, and what would be a good setup for This Budget?
I have looked at game cameras that seem to be timelapse ready, and offer a far better resolution, but are extremely cheap (circa £100 12 up to 16Mp). Does anyone use these?

Any other advice would be gratefully received. Thanks in advance :)


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Seen this from Facebook now:

Altitude58 Media Company - For the budget, the brinnno setup is pretty much only option. It will capture that time period fine with the batteries. if client is happy with 720 res then all ok. Used ourself back in the day before investing in high TL kit. But your then looking at $1500 instead of £250. Add in plenty of aerial shots, if you use litchi app then plan an automated flight path with a point of interest at the bridge and keep flying it, blend in post and you will have an extra time lapse clip from different angles. Hope this helps a bit, will help more if we can as do these projects regularly in the UK now.​

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