Bonjour from Paris

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New time-lapser
I'm shooting timelapse since 2 years and it take me a big part of my free time.
I'm using the last generation iPhone, a Genie mini from Syrp and ProCam V3 application.
I'm fare from the quality of what you guys are shooting but I still enjoy doing my stuff.
I've got a YouTube channel where you can find my timelapse in 4K since last year.
I'm just back from Italia where I had the plaisir to shoot this :
Last spring I've done this in Sicily :
So, my name is Sebastien Joncoux and I hope you will be interested in what an amateur can do.


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hey Sebastien,
it's really nice to have you on board first of all

As an Italian time-lapse lover, it's always very nice when someone showcases the beauty of your cities in time-lapse :)
I like the fact you did not use any music in the first, and used the sound effects in both..

hope to see you around here often, mate!


gLITch ch4nn3l

New time-lapser
Hey Marco,
Thanks a lot for your message, you are right on the editing with our music for my last video. I like it like also, even if I have edit it first on a very nice song. At the last time, Youtube shut down my sound track because I havent the rights for the song (it was true), so I have render the video without music. From now, I will stop using music. It's better like that form me who isn't a musician.

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