best software for timelapse on iphone

Shot on an iPhone6S Plus using the Moondog Labs 1.33x Anamorphic Lens and cropped to 2.39:1 aspect ratio. I used Lapse It app for iOS and edited with LRTimelapse Pro and Adobe Lightroom 5

Yep, the original files I shot as .png as opposed to the standard .jpg using the selection in the App and then edited the individual stills retaining the highest resolution possible throughout the edit. Final frames were exported as 16BIT Tiff files each one weighing in at around 50MB.
I've just upload a "How to" video on YouTube about shooting timelapse on iPhone :
For me the best app is ProCam 3, That app is great, it's doing 4K HDR, it's better than filmic Pro. The app is reliable and never crash.
I think maybe you are confusing filming apps with time-lapse apps. FilmicPro is not meant for stills photography.

ProCam3 is also a filming based app which takes a frame from video, based on video resolution options, 720P, 1080P 4K etc, and a frame rate to create a time-lapse.
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Hello, Filmic Pro have a Timelapse feature in video mode. Here is a screenshot in attachment. I know why you are surprised. It's because on the iPhone filming timelapse is filming video must of the time because we render automatically a vidéo at the end of the shooting. there is no post production. Best Filmic Pro Timelapse video mode.jpg
In my humble opinion, more than 50% of the art in time-lapse comes from the post production. To manipulate the RAW files, to be able to treat the flicker and adjust tones, levels and colours etc. If you are looking for ways to avoid all of that then what is the point of creating time-lapse? If it is just to have a video from rendered video frames on your cell thats fine. Would you really settle for that in a planned film or showreel though? I can't see any creative or artistic ability in letting the apps do everything for you. But if that is what you want then that is what matters.
You are probably right. I'm thinking differently. For me filming timelapse is capturing the spectacle of reality. It's about finding the right place at the right time in the right frame. Post production isn't what is interesting me. That's why there is 2 ways to shoot timelapse, stills ans video. Off course my point of view is the one of a guy who is using an iPhone to do what everybody is doing with high end DSLR. When I'm searching for HDR 4K timelapse shoot with iPhone on YouTube, I only find mine ;)

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