Barcelona time-lapse/hyper-lapse journey (MTD#3)


I have been shooting a video diary with my Gopro since the day I said goodbye to my static London life & set out on a barefoot journey of international discovery & time-lapse inspired adventures.

Moving Timelapse Diary Chapter 3 takes us to the great city of Barcelona where we continue our quest for awesome time-lapse & things worth getting excited about. We spend much of our month getting to know Gaudi's stunning Park Guell and his nature inspired architecture.

Thank you to all the wonderful people who help me on this journey :)

For the time-lapse & hyper-lapse we used a Canon 5D mkii & various lenses. For motion control we used Digislider track, Orion 3-axis mount, Photomatix Pro for the HDR processing, Lightroom, After Effects & Final Cut Pro. Video footage shot on Gopro.

Music provided by Epidemic Sound

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