Astrophotography motorized dslr pan tilt: any hints?


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I have been hunting for a motorized pan & tilt for astrophotography with no luck.. I have seen a few on ebay but after looking at them on youtube i dont think they will do.. I mean with a time lapse made up of 400 shots with an interval of 25-30 secs i would need need a head that would pan/tilt slowly left to right or vice versa for over 3 hours... can anyone please suggest something? i have around £150.00 thx


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2 axis for this budget is going to be very hard even if you are looking a used one.

So far, the closest thing would be the Syrp Genie Mini because everything is included but it's one axis only.


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thx oliver il look into it. Although on my travels i have found a similar item to the genie mini. Just incase anyone else wants a cheap single axis.

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