Anyone from TLN going to TLFF 2016 in Santa Monica CA on 13th August?

Yeah will do. I have a review that I'm due to do for the Second Shooter Plus from Kessler that I use now and also hoping that the 5D4 will finally be announced here in Japan on the 23rd of this month, big news conference and something happening at Canon. I'm also waiting for that new lens from Irix, the 11mm so there could be a number of updates coming from me in the near future.



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Congratulations guys!!
Wish I could attend and meet you all in person.. Waiting for your detailed story on the day :)

Mark, have you plans for your review or would you think of having it written on TLN for everyone?!


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Yes, I'm following the latest rumors, so far:

I'm really curious about the 5Dmk4, hopefully Canon will catch up with the Sony sensors for DR. My Canon 6D is still doing strong though.

Looking forward for your Kessler review. I'm using Dynamic Perception but everyone seems to love the Second Shooter. I know Drew Geraci switched from DP to Kessler.

Plus one for the 11mm. I love my cheap 14mm Samyang but a few extra mm wouldn't hurt. Unfortunately I can't afford the Canon 11-24 so the IRIX would be welcome.
Marco, I will DM you, would like to think it could be placed here for everyone.

Olivier, I just sold my Nikkor 14-24mm f2.8 which I was using with the Novoflex adapter on a 5D3. Great combo. It's going to be a toss up for me, I have been thinking to shoot the 5DSR so that I can render out 8K Timelapse, downside to that is that I've heard numerous reports that the camera has a lot of noise issues with longer exposures in low light. Needless to say any piece of timelapse work needs night skies to top it off. So am hoping that the 5D4 retains the low light magic of the 5D3 but ups a bit their resolution to around 28 or 36MP. It may not be 8K but I'd settle for 6K.


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I hear you. I've tried the 5DS a couple of time and it's a great camera for day stuff with much better DR compared to the 5D3. The extra resolution allows to export in 8k or do a lot of cropping in post. That being said, resolution benefit falls apart past ISO1000 due to the noise... So it's a big no go for Starlapse indeed.
In that respect the Sony A7R2 would be much better than the 5DS for 8K. I must say that I'm on the edge to change system despite having a lot of Canon lenses. Waiting for the 5D4 to see what s going on.


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Sony isn't perfect either, battery life is miserable, the lenses selection is very limited despite the current improvement with Rokinon/Samyang jumping into the FE system and the new Sony G Master lenses are super expensive. Sony menu and ergonomics are a huge pain to deal with compared to the Canon simplicity. On the video side, the Sony colors looks weird compared to the great Canon look.

But what bugs me the most with Canon is the limited DR. I tried a the A7RII and the Nikon D750 and I was amazed by their DR. No need to mess with complex HDR workflow on these camera. Just expose for the highlight and push he shadow in post...

I also do a lot of video and I need to travel light. Canon's video features are just ridiculous, borderline insulting. After opening the world of DSLR video with the 5D2, Canon crippled each and single DSLR. Their 1080 looks like 720, no focus peaking or Zebra even on the 1DX2 (which also lost LOG compared to the 1DC). The 1080/60P just happened last year with the 7D2 but they had to cripple this mode too by removing AF in 1080/60 mode.
4K which is now standard on cell phone and point and shoot camera just appeared this year with Canon but on a $6k camera with the weirdest possible codec, MJPEG recording 8bits video at 500MB/s... Apparently the latest rumors suggest that the 5Dmk4 could also inherit this weird video format.

I'll wait and see. I'll either switch when Sony fixes its issue or stay with my current setup (Canon 6D for Photo, Panasonic GH4 for video)
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