Anyone from TLN going to TLFF 2016 in Santa Monica CA on 13th August?


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I wish I could go. My timelapse made it to the final and is going to be shown during the event. Unfortunaltly I've got business trip going on at this time and I won't be able to make it on time.
Are you going Matt ? Please keep us posted. I'm sure the level is going to be very high, I've seen so many great timelapse lately.


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@matt butler good news ! Got some work meeting cancelled and I'm finally going to attend the festival on Saturday evening. Are you going ?
It's still going to be a looooooong flight to get there but hell, I'm in the top 3 finalist of the urban category, I want to see my video on a big screen and it will be very nice to meet with my fellow timelapsers and the masters of the jury (Godfrey Reggio, Tom Lowe, Gunther Wegner, etc.)

@marcofama Anything you need from there ? say hi to someone ? sending you some photo of the event ?



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wow @Oliver
I'm so happy you will attend, especially cause you're shortlisted YEAH!!

Good luck mate, and of course if you can, please do some photos of the event (we could even try having a guest post from yourself after the event, telling us?!). I asked them to record the whole video session too, not sure if and how they'll do that.

Counting on you Oliver ;) and fingers crossed mate!!
Thanks Olivier, very happy with the final placements as I've only really been shooting time-lapse intermittently for the past couple of years. A good benchmark. It's a great genre and a lot of learning, particularly in the post production field. My main background is in video so the learning curve for the photographic stills side of things has been interesting, and steep! Hoping for good things down the line.



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You did it well and I believe that your price is the VIEW timelapse device. Please let us know about this one. I'm very curious about this device. Keep up the good work.

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