Advice on using a DVR for a week Timelapse

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    Hi guys, I want to run a week timelapce video in 4K, so for that purpose I think I would need a DVR solution to store the data, My camera has HDMI direct outpus, Im planning to use hdmi qam modulator to run the video to DVB-C or enen backup capture via VLC, on my pc, beacuse I will have IP output, but I don't think its a good idea to rely just on TS stream, so I would like to have DVR which will record video from RF QAM. Do you guys have any expererience with that? PS. Why hdmi to coax? Beacuse All my gear is going to be away from the camera about 200 meters, so I think hdmi won't have any chance to get to the other end. Thank you!
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