Adrien Mauduit

Hi everybody!

I have been pretty inactive on the forum lately, due to awesome shooting conditions in Denmark, where I was out almost every night taking shots of the noctilucent clouds!

As the summer marks the end of the astrophotography season in Denmark (due to the permanent twilight at night), I have gathered my best shots from 2015-2016 and compiled it in a 2'30'' time-lapse montage. It features astrophotography, milky way, northern lights, noctilucent clouds and beautiful scenes from Denmark, Scandinavia, Slovenia and Tenerife (all my travels in 2015-2016).

I hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoy shooting the scenes. You are welcome to bring constructive feedback on it :)

Have an excellent day out there as I am getting ready for the next season to come! :)




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