A new multi-function timelapse, hyperlapse, steadycam unit...

David Johnson

New time-lapser
My Name is David Johnson and I'm an inventor / Photographer into film hyper and time lapse shooting. I've worked with several DIY time lapse sleds and a few professional film tools. No multi-function gimbal / motion control products really exist so I designed one. A multi-function photo rig that is a Steadicam, Hyper lapse, motion control robot that can do everything you need for active stabilized Steadicam work, Hyper lapse and motion control.

It has a built in intervalometer with ambient bulb ramping which allows it to take pictures and adjust the shutter time depending on the ambient light. it also communicates with a stabilization controller and stepper motor to provide 4-axis movement over time, this is great for hyper lapse photography on a slider. I've worked hard to build a production quality design. It has a touch screen user interface to provide easy setup of its preset configurations.

It's taken a year to get where its at and although it is open hardware and software we are kick starting kits and production runs of the unit. its really been a lot of fun to develop and build the product. The prototype is entirely 3d printed and I went through multiple designs as we perfected the design. I really think you audience would be interested in it, it's made with Cinema and photographers in mind that are on a budget.

I'd love to see what you think of it.

Please check out my Kickstarter if you have a moment and please consider sharing our press release if it makes sense for your visitors.

I appreciate any feedback on the project.
David Johnson


New time-lapser
This is for sure an interesting project... Way off limits for the budget of a full time student as I am who can't later earn from his gear... But definitevely one to keep an eye on!

Good luck! You need it, as the goal isn't set low :D


Time Lapse Network Founder
Staff member
That seems a very cool project indeed - I'm pushing this on TLN Socials...

Good luck with the fund raising phase ;)

David Johnson

New time-lapser
I saw this a while back, looks interesting but the demo footage for the timelapse mode isn't very smooth. Would like to see more.
Hi, Early models had a drift issue with stabilizer, that combined with easing, some of the time lapse exhibits those artefacts. perhaps I overestimated consumer ability to see past the beta footage to realyze the unique project value. recent updates, (as we are finalizing the design) have addressed the problems with drift and easing that the earlier design had but due to the time I have to work on the funding campaign I have been unable to update our test unit with changes to shoot new footage.

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