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Hi everyone,

Two of my friends and I have recently decided to do something a litte bit crazy and drive to Switzerland from Bristol, UK and timelapse along the way. We ended up stopping off in Paris, then Frankfurt and Bruges on the way back. This is a video of some of the best timelapses and hyperlapses we got that week. Hope you enjoy it!

Youtube 4K:

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Definitely I enjoyed watching it Matt.

You're doing a great job and I'd like to give you some good exposure.

Please give me extra bits of info re your trip and company and I'll feature it on TLN and TLI



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I'm glad you enjoyed it. It means a lot that you want to feature it on TLN!

Here is a bit more info:

I run a company called Box35 with two of my friends. We've been working together for a while, but only just setup a company and started really promoting ourselves and our work. Our work as timelapse and hyperlapse photographers started when we were working on Secret Cinema's Brazil, I shot a hyperlapse in my spare time and soon enough we were making hyperlapse videos for other secret cinema events such as Laura Marling and Saturday Night Fever.
From there, we started colaberating with production companies to work with them as dedicated timelapse photographers. We spent a lot of our time working at festivals such as Boardmasters, Love Box, Nass, Outlook and Dimentions. This gave us a lot of experience shooting in different types of environments, with crowds, uneven ground, small spaces etc.

Working at festivals was great, but it made our showreel very limited. We wanted to do something new and so, one day at the pub, we decided that we should go to Switzerland. Three days later we were all sat in my tiny ford fiesta about to get on the ferry to Calais. We drove to Paris, dropped off our bags in the cheapest hotel we could find, and took the tube to the center to get a as many hyperlapses as we could before the last train back.

Next morning we drove to Randa, Switzerland. By the time we got there it was night, so we checked in to a camping site, got a few star timelapses going and setup our tents. Camping was a big mistake. I woke up with frost on my sleeping bag so in the end we found a local hotel through air bnb and stayed there.
The place we really wanted to go in Switzerland is Zermatt, we took a train there as cars are not allowed in, then a cable car up the mountain. We weren't entirely sure where we were going, but we ended up near the Riffelalp Resort and the view was incredible. It's where we shot the timelapse which ended up as the video's thumbnail. With all the cameras setup, we used the available free wifi to search for our next location. We then walked up the mountain to Grüensee lake which unfortunately was frozen over and so there was no reflections... but we shot a few timelapses there anyway. Because we weren't very high up the mountain, and the last cable car back was before sunset we decided that we could stay to shoot the sunset and walk down at night. We found a good view of the Matterhorn and stayed until it got dark. It was incredibly cold.

Our original idea was to stay in Switzerland for three nights, but our second night there was the night of the Paris attacks and France closed its borders. We decided to leave early and go through Germany, then Belgium. This meant that we didn't have to drive through france, and we got to visit two more places on the way. So we shot a few more hyperlapses and timelapses of Zermatt in the morning, and drove to Frankfurt where we checked in to Willy Hotel. Unfortunately the weather wasn't great and we only managed to get one timelapse before it started raining too much.

Our last destination was Bruges. A beautiful city full of old architecture and canals, and it was perfect for hyperlapsing.

Fortunetely the drive to Calais was absolutely fine and we managed to get there on time.

It was a very cool trip and we're really happy with the shots we got. We're now hoping to sell some of them on a stock photography website to make back some of the money we spent...

The cameras we used were 2 x A7s, D810 and a D7000.

This is probably a lot more than you need, but I'm sure you can pick out the bits you like. Let me know if you'd like to know anything else.

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