A bit of fun, Phnom Penh Building site

Darren Wilch

It's been a while since posting. I've been a bit busy with the photo tour side of things.
Heres some footage i shot from my hotel room last year. I was going to scrap it, glad i didn't as i have found a use for the footage for a project i'm working on ;)
I have always wanted to do a bit of building sites, they look good. To do a complete build would be great.. Anyway, a bot of fun with post process zooms & tracking, all good experience.

Low season is coming, so it's good to get back to this side of thing :)



Time Lapse Network Founder
Staff member
that's the long term timelapse I wish I could see, instead of those boring ones!

good post prod, bravo Darren - it's a pity it was just a "test"

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