4K time-lapse video shooting and recommended storage device


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Newbie time lapser here and looking for some info from all you experienced Lapser's. I have the camera equipment, motion controlled Kessler Crane slider, tripods etc, but wondered if any one uses storage devices to store your raw files other than the memory card in your camera, as mine will only take a max of 32GB - 1100 images? Had a look at Black Magic 4k assist and others but are these what I am after?


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Most of us use hard drive to store the data. Nowadays 2 or 3 TB hard drive cost around $100 which is very cheap and allow to save a lot of photo.


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Oh sorry I might have misunderstood.. I thought you meant you needed huge storage capabilities on venue while shooting :)


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For infield capture I use a 100gb sd card. For transfer to a external disk I use a gdrive1tb portable drive and usually make two copies on two separate drives. These drives work with a larger home unit that has thunderbolt interface.


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This kind of monitor allows to record "raw" or uncompressed 10-12 bits footage from video camera such as the GH4. You can record 10bits, get additional functionalities such as peaking, zebra, LUTs on the fly etc. They have a SSD bay on the back to record the flow of data. This for advanced video work only and has nothing to do with timelapse.

For timelapse you only need a large memory card and external hard drive for back up. If you want really large memory card, there are very affordable 128 and 256GB SD card available for less than $100 but you may want to use separate smaller cards to prevent total loss of data in case of card failure.


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Hi Oliver

Thanks for the reply, I wondered as have seen some videos with these types of monitors attached to the camera, unfortunately my camera only takes a maximum 32GB CF Card.


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Nikon D300 is 12mpx ? So the Raw should be around 15MB which should let you store over 2000 photo on a 32GB card. That's a good number already before coming back to unload on the computer. And 32GB CF Card are cheap also ($30) if you need more.

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