10 year time lapse for the Official 9/11 Memorial Museum Tribute


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Ciao guys,

I'd like to share this epic 10 year time lapse, portraying the 9/11 Memorial Museum being built... 4617 days, over 1,000,000 images.. whoa!

A super hardworking team at EarthCam, who I am so proud to work with, spent countless hours keeping the many webcams at the World Trade Center active for 4,617 days... and counting. This unprecedented effort provided our in-house editors with over 1 million images to choose from when creating this two-and-a-half minute video, as well as our other commemorative World Trade Center movies.


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Amazing stuff @marcofama! What was your workflow like?? Been tasked to shoot a timelapse over 3 years, would love any pointers or tips you might have
hey my friend,
unfortunately that was not a work of mine :)

You should probably ask this question to the authors, who can probably help.
Or, try posting a message in the following section:

We can help spreading the message over Facebook and get your questions answered :)

Take care

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