1. ZenSlider

    The truth about lithium battery capacity

    Have you bough a new lithium battery to power your motion-control device? Have you expected a lower than expected battery life in normal conditions? We have discovered that there is a normal practice to rate batteries up to 3 times their real capacity. And here is how we deal with it in...
  2. ZenSlider

    Ultra panoramic timelapse with multiple cameras

    What happens if we want to create an ultra panoramic timelapse that covers a wider field of view than the one provided by a single lens? We can create it by using 2 cameras with wide angle lenses positioned to cover a wider angle. And that is what we did. We mounted 2 cameras with Samyang 14mm...
  3. ZenSlider


    Hello, we are back again with our giveaway to offer everybody a chance to get a FREE ZenSlider, the lightest motion-control slider in the market. Just follow these 3 simple steps: http://zenslider.com/get-a-free-zenslider/ Join and Good Luck.

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