1. Jiri Bajak

    Jeseniky 8K - Misty Mountains

    Winter that wasn't winter! Very strange winter hit this season Czech Republic, almost no snow in locations, where is normally meter or two of snow. But where something missing there is something else more ... and there were more inversions! Much more. MISTY MOUNTAINS! And so every day in this...
  2. Marcel Gallaun

    ALPENGLOW - Beauty of Austria | 4K

    Happy new year everyone! After over one year of filming and hiking in the beautiful alpine regions of Austria I’d like to present my latest timelapse short-film “ALPENGLOW – Beauty of Austria”. Alpenglow is the second part of my Austria timelapse series and this time the creation process...
  3. Christian

    Exploring Iceland - 4K Time-Lapse

    In early October I spent a week traveling all around Iceland and explore this awesome country. The weather was all mixed up from warm, sunny days on the south coast to severe Blizzards up in the north which made driving almost impossible. During that week I stopped at all the famous sights of...
  4. Robin Seifert

    The beauty of ice - A short timelapse film

    Hey guys, I´ve been out in the cold for a few days to test my new motion control system. The result was a short timelapse film of frozen rivers in my hometown. Did some of you guys also have similar conditions (up to -18°C) when shooting a timelapse? I´m just curious. :D With best regards Robin
  5. Rick Kloekke

    Dutch Arctic

    Hi guys! We had some amazing conditions in The Netherlands! Very cold winds made it feel freezing cold and created stunning scenes for just one week. I was able to catch some great light and made this short! Enjoy! Rick
  6. Christoph Schlatter

    LIGHTS OVER SWITZERLAND - The four seasons (4K, UHD)

    Four seasons by day and night After more than a year of work it is now here, my third and so far most elaborate timelapse film. It was shot with a high-resolution Nikon D800 at some of the many beautiful places in nature. Winter, spring, summer and fall, all four seasons united in one film...
  7. Jiri Bajak

    DREAMLIFE - Winter season in Czech Republic

    Winter is almost dead and its time, to show you beauty of the ice queen from Jeseniky mountains. Wake up at 2 AM, hiking few hours to the hills or sleeping under stars in -20°C temperature isnt always good, but we love it! Sharing is much appreciated! Watch in 4K res! :)
  8. mathieustanic

    Pinewood - On the path of Wolf - 4K Timelapse

    Hello, I give you a video in time-lapse on the Vosges in France. I also took advantage of this passage to integrate animal shots with wolves. Here's the link: I wish you a good viewing and also a good day. Mathieu Stanić
  9. Jiri Bajak

    Jeseniky - Winter Time-Lapse Adventure 4K

    Winter in Jeseniky mountains is slowly ending and it´s time to remind ourselves, what kind of beauty brought to us this year! Timefocus Films proudly presents our latest video, we worked at this for the 5 months ... Video "Jesenik - Winter Time-Lapse Adventure 4K" takes you on a journey through...

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