1. J

    imelapse tutorial: how to zoom and pan (8k TL with Nikon D850)

    Timelapses: How to get the Ken Burns effect (zoom and pan) with Lightroom, LRTimelapse 5 and After Effects. Contains 8K timelapses shot with the Nikon D850
  2. J

    How to shoot timelapses with car traffic

    Timelapse tutorial: How to shoot car traffic (moving target)
  3. J

    How to edit timelapses

    All you need to know about post processing timelapses using Lightroom and After Effects
  4. J

    How to shoot static time lases (choosing frequency of images)

    Static timelapses. How to shoot them with examples on the field
  5. Mrakulis

    How to make a time lapse using Virtual Dub - Video tutorial

    Hope this helps guys. I used Virtual Dub to turn the images in a raw AVI file. Then used Handbrake to convert it to an MP4. Here's the link to the step by step.

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