1. Scott Herder

    A Day in Český Krumlov

    Have finished shooting a fun mix of time-lapse, hyper-lapse and even a couple drone shots in the wonderfully charming and beautiful town of Český Krumlov in the Czech Republic. The concept was spending a day in the city with a focus on the Baroque architecture and I really love trying to create...
  2. Arturo Mauleon

    Guanajuato Capital - Hyperlapse Flow Motion

    After more than 4 months of production, more than 8734 photos, more than 820 GB of storage, extraordinary people that support the production, etc; January 25, 2017 ends the last render of the project. Guanajuato Capital — Flow Motion lasts 3:30 minutes, has stereo sound design and is displayed...
  3. Casper Rolsted

    Baia del Silenzio - timelapse from Sestri Levante, Italy

    Hello guys! A short timelapse film from my summer trip to Sestri Levante on the Italian Riviera. Beautiful area.
  4. Martien Travel Imagez

    Mt Bromo volcano

    Mt Bromo has been at the very top of my bucketlist for years, I just love volcanos and this is one the most photogenic. Finally time came to visit it and I wanted to do something more than shoot just some photos or a few time lapse scenes, so I decided to shoot a day/night time lapse movie when...
  5. Nathan Starzynski

    The Magic of Mount Seymour 4k

    I originally shared this to Vimeo one year ago today, but didn't know about this forum at that point. Now the one year anniversary seems as good a time as any to re-share. The film ended up achieving a Vimeo Staff Pick, as well as official selection in the National Geographic Short Film Showcase...
  6. Chris B

    HI - Lapse OAHU Hawaii timelapse video

    This time I would like to present my new time lapse movie from Oahu, Hawaii. It took me longer then I thought to finish this project but finally I'm very happy to share it with you. All feedback appreciated.
  7. Sylvain Botter

    My new timelapse & hyperlapse video through 9 countries of Asia

    Hey timelapse network, here is my new creation! To remember, I was the creator of "The Lausanne Experience", published on timelapse network in Jan 2016. Hope you enjoy! Sylvain
  8. Casper Rolsted

    Trip to the North Cape - a timelapse through Norway

    This is my third timelapse film from Norway ... now I need to go back for more footage ;-) This film show some of the highlights from my trip in the summer 2016 through Norway to the North Cape.
  9. CRobert145

    Hello from Hamburg, Germany

    Hey guys, My name is Robert, 26, born and raised in Bucharest, Romania and now living in one of the most awesome cities in modern Europe, Hamburg. I am pleased to see this community really growing with each day and glad that I can be part of a group of creative people with similar interests...
  10. CRobert145

    Frieden - A Timelapse Short Film

    Hey guys! Robert here! I am proud to share with you my very first timelapse project, "Frieden", representing my recent journey this summer in the Northern Limestone Alps, through Germany and Austria. 25 days of biking, hiking and camping through some of the most amazing sights in the Bavarian...
  11. Casper Rolsted

    Undisturbed Nature - a timelapse adventure

    Hi again Now I am back with my second film from Norway. This time it is about the undisturbed nature. As always I am very open to constructive feedback about how I can improve my films.
  12. Casper Rolsted

    Hello from Denmark

    I am new in timelapse photography. I started experimenting half a year ago before a 7000 km long road trip through Norway to the North Cape. The amazing landscapes in Norway gave great opportunities to make timelapses sequences and also experimenting with aerial photography. I have been...
  13. Chris B

    8 months of shooting and collecting clips finally put together. I introduce you URBANIQUE CHICAGO.

    It has been a while since I posted here my work but hopefully it was worth a wait. This is my first full-frame camera film and I would appreciate a feedback. Thank you and enjoy.
  14. Daniel Santos

    Piece of Somiedo

    Hello everyone. Not as famous and well known as Picos de Europa, the Somiedo Natural Park (a 2h30mn from the first) also has a magnificent mountain scenery, beautiful lakes and breathtaking natural beauty. Probably the fact that it is less well known and not as trendy is what makes the asturian...
  15. Doug Richardson

    An Italian Summer

    Hello everybody... Here is the finished Time lapse video that I put together from my month in Italy last year. It is of 23 lapses all merged together with the right music for the theme.. This is my first full video, and first share on Time Lapse Network. Over 7000 photos, all shot on my Canon...

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