1. Ron


    MOAB: A 2017 Collaborative Workshop Film In 2017 we celebrated our 5th anniversary leading workshops, and it all started in Moab, UT. So this year's film is simply titled MOAB to celebrate the beauty of this part of Utah. I hope you enjoy this short 4 minute film captured by photographers...
  2. Ron

    Boston: City in Motion

    As most of us already know, Timelapse photography is a time consuming art-form, and each time we go out to shoot we're usually capturing just a piece of a larger puzzle that will come together at a later time. Over the past seven or eight years I have been shooting time lapses and video around...
  3. Ron

    6 Days of Chasing Severe Storms

    This past July I went storm chasing for six days with Tempest Tours. I have been in love with severe weather ever since I was a child, so to finally go storm chasing was a thrill. I created this short 2 minute promotional piece using the timelapses and video captured during the trip. I hope...

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