1. Ron

    6 Days of Chasing Severe Storms

    This past July I went storm chasing for six days with Tempest Tours. I have been in love with severe weather ever since I was a child, so to finally go storm chasing was a thrill. I created this short 2 minute promotional piece using the timelapses and video captured during the trip. I hope...
  2. JonasHøholt

    Lens twist trick on Sony mirrorless with metabone

    Hello timelapse fellows! Considering a camera upgrade next year, I am interested to know about your experiences with using the "lens twisting trick" on a Sony mirrorless camera like the Sony A7SII or A7RII mounted with metabone and some of my good Canon L lenses. Is it even possible to choose...
  3. janingelarsen

    The town under the Arctic Circle - Northern Norway (4K)

    A timelapse short from the town under the Arctic Circle, Mo i Rana- Northern Norway. Cityscapes with northern lights and view of the city. 4 seasons shots. Produced in 4K by: Helgeland Photo - Jan Inge Larsen Music: Contemplation av D. Lukyanov Camera: Sony a6000 og Sony a6300 Lens: Samyang, Sony
  4. Matthew Borrett

    Dallas In Motion

    I just finished up my first personal time-lapse film project and thought I'd share it with you guys here. Over 17 months exploring and shooting around the city of Dallas. It’s my first full time-lapse film showcasing the city. Over 50,000 still photographs combined to make this short film...
  5. Rick Kloekke

    Dutch Seasons

    Hi Guys! Dutch Seasons is a short film I have been working on for more than a year. I have been out every season to capture the Veluwe in all it’s different views! It was hard to get some shots due to the fact that I have been busy with my graduating. Despite it is not totally what I had in my...
  6. trinkete

    Ghuangzhou timelapse and hyperlapse "express"

    I spent a weeking visiting the city of Ghuangzhou in China
  7. trinkete

    Hi I am Alex , a timelapser and videographer based in Hong Kong

    Hi: I am Alex Rodriguez, i am a timelapser and videographer from Spain based in Hong Kong since 2011. I moved to Hong Kong 5 years ago, at that time i was a videographer with a 10 years background from News and action sports videos. Since i live in Hong Kong and started to explore i started to...
  8. Casper Rolsted

    Undisturbed Nature - a timelapse adventure

    Hi again Now I am back with my second film from Norway. This time it is about the undisturbed nature. As always I am very open to constructive feedback about how I can improve my films.
  9. JonasHøholt

    Timelapse project of Jutland, Denmark

    One and a half year in the making, and my personal project of the beautiful peninsula Jutland in Denmark is finally live! It shows stunning timelapses of both popular tourist destinations but also spectacular nature scenery in not so well known remote places. Check it out and share if you like...
  10. mathieustanic

    To the mist, by Mathieu Stanić

    Hi, This is a mountain timelapse shot in Pyrénées National Park in France : What do you think about this ? Thanks for your critics ;) Mathieu Stanić You can contact me anytime on : https://www.facebook.com/stanicmathieu/
  11. mathieustanic

    Here it is

    Hi, My name is Mathieu Stanić I'm a french cinematographer and this is my first time-lapse in the mountain : What do you think about ? Thank you for your critics ;) Mathieu Stanić
  12. Casper Rolsted

    Hello from Denmark

    I am new in timelapse photography. I started experimenting half a year ago before a 7000 km long road trip through Norway to the North Cape. The amazing landscapes in Norway gave great opportunities to make timelapses sequences and also experimenting with aerial photography. I have been...
  13. Casper Rolsted

    THE MIDNIGHT SUN – Timelapse and aerial photography from Norway

    Hello guys! This is my first timelapse. I have mixed the timelapse footage with some aerial photography which also is new to me. The material for this film is made in Norway close to the North Cape. I am now planning my next film ... I have so much footage from an amazing 7000 km long road...
  14. Sleg211

    What Up New York! (Timelapse, hyperlapse, aerial video)

    Hi everyone, Here's my new project showcasing the Big Apple mixing timelapse, hyperlapse and aerial videos. Enjoy! If you want to learn more about it I wrote this article: http://stephanelegrand.com/a-new-york-city-timelapse/ Cheers, Stéphane
  15. simoune01

    Martin Cravatte's "Jusqu'à" - a Timelapse/Hyperlapse creative clip + BTS !!

    Hi guys! Here it is!! "JUSQU'À!" The new (and first!!) video clip of Martin Cravatte!! I had the pleasure to direct and edit it during this summer! It was such a memorable project with tons of new experiments : timelapse, hyperlapse, clone, freeze frame, split screen, ...!! Thank you...
  16. Sjoki

    Timelapse/music video of Ghent, Belgium

    Timelapse/music video of Ghent, Belgium. Camera: Nikon P900
  17. T

    Frankfurt Timelapse in 4k

    Shot with Canon 5D Mark III Walimex Pro 14mm/f2.8 Canon EF 24-105/f4 Canon EF 70-200/f2.8 DIY-Dolly-Slider + MX2-Controller Post: LRTimelapse + Lightroom
  18. Darren Wilch

    My 3 axis system built in Cambodia! ;)

    Hi all, this might interest some of you. My rig is a bit of a mixed bundle, there are reasons why, as I live in Cambodia. Heres a short clip of it working: You can read all about it here :).
  19. Darren Wilch

    Angkor Skies Cambodia

    A collection of clips from my first year in timelapse. Quite an effort due to limitations with opening hours etc.. I've learnt all the mistakes I know, still finding more. Onwards :)

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