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  1. Jiri Bajak

    Jeseniky - Life In Harmony

    Today starts first astronomic autumn day, oficially...although the true ruller in the mountains for a couple of weeks is Autumn and night frosts are no exception! Regularly the weather will screw us and a lot of shooting attempts will fail...It does not bother us for 4 hours to walk in rain...
  2. Jiri Bajak

    DREAMLIFE - Winter season in Czech Republic

    Winter is almost dead and its time, to show you beauty of the ice queen from Jeseniky mountains. Wake up at 2 AM, hiking few hours to the hills or sleeping under stars in -20°C temperature isnt always good, but we love it! Sharing is much appreciated! Watch in 4K res! :)
  3. Jiri Bajak

    Jeseniky - Winter Time-Lapse Adventure 4K

    Winter in Jeseniky mountains is slowly ending and it´s time to remind ourselves, what kind of beauty brought to us this year! Timefocus Films proudly presents our latest video, we worked at this for the 5 months ... Video "Jesenik - Winter Time-Lapse Adventure 4K" takes you on a journey through...

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