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  1. Chris B

    Through - Wisconsin 4K Time Lapse

    New time lapse compilation "THROUGH". Take a relaxing trip through Wisconsin's natural beauty. Always CC appreciated from fellow members. Shot with Kessler Crane® TLS bundle.
  2. Zack In a Box

    Three Moons and a Statue - Crescent, Half and Full Moon over the Statue of Liberty

  3. FalaahNasser

    Oman Time Lapse 4K

    Hi there, Her is my first post for my final time lapse video that I have posted in you tube recently. I traveled all over my lovely country Oman in the last 2 years visiting 64 different locations in order to capture more than 15000 shoots to make this time lapse video. The whole project...
  4. Chris B

    HOME - Chicago Time Lapse

    Finally got my next Chicago project going. It took me a while to put it together but now I'm happy with the result. Always wanted to do something fast and short containing lots of sequences. Here it is. HOME - Chicago Time Lapse
  5. Brian Moore

    Dynamic Perception Stage One 2 Axis System

    Lightly used Dynamic Perception Stage One time-lapse Slider and Stage R Pan Head. Originally purchased as the Dynamic Perception Stage One4 All bundle with Stage R add on. Comes with original packaging. Original purchase price of all items was $2600.00 CAD. Equipment list: - Stage One4 All...
  6. Chris B

    One of a kind Lensball Time Lapse

    Here is something new and challenging. My latest experimental time lapse. One of the kind. First Lensball Time Lapse "TURNED" with Kessler TLS slider. Different perspective and different results. Check it out and let me know what you think.
  7. Chris B

    CLOSE - Wisconsin 4K Time Lapse

    I proudly present you my final time lapse production throughout Wisconsin State Parks and more. Whole year of photographing amazing places to complete my goal. Shares, comments, likes really appreciated. Let me know what you think.
  8. Don Whitebread

    Canyonlands Light

    The best part of spending time in the American Southwest is watching the light change as clouds drift over the landscape and the sun rises and sets. I have made still photographs in the canyonlands for decades, and now time-lapse photography lets me show this spectacular country the way I really...
  9. M

    Long Term Photosentinel Mach II Time Lapse Unit - Brand new in box

    We purchased this in early March 2018 for a project that was cancelled before we even got started. It includes a brand new in box Mach II Photosentinel unit, solar panel, spare 500G swappable hard drive, mounting arm, instructions and locking device. Cost US$5550. Can take pretty much any Canon...
  10. Chris B

    Chicago River "Painted" Green for St. Patrick's Day - 4K Time Lapse

    Chicago River "Painted" Green for St. Patrick's Day. 4K Time Lapse from LondonHouse Chicago on the top of LH Rooftop with Kessler TLS Motorized Slider
  11. E

    The Island - South Africa

    Hello, I was fortunate to shoot a beautiful sunset over the ocean and an island last weekend... here is the result: I welcome comments or constructive criticism. I also wrote the short music in the video. Camera: Nikon D700 Lens: Rokinon 14mm f2.8 Controlled by: Qdslrdashboard - iPad...
  12. Chris B

    DIVERSITY - Hawaii Time Lapse

    It has been quite a while since my last time lapse film. Finally I was able to finish the footage waiting in line to be published. As always finding good music to feel the scenery takes a lot of time and sometimes is very frustrating. At last this score catched my attention and sound matched my...
  13. Ellen

    Hello beautiful people!

    We are Ellen and Jelmer, two Dutch passionate videographers. Our time lapse gear is a Canon 600D and a Sony A6500. We would love to learn more about making timelapses and would be asking for feedback pretty often! Here is a timelapse of New Zealand that we made if anyone wants to tell us what...
  14. inksurgeon

    Iceland 4k - Canon 5dsr

    A timelapse video of my recent trip to Iceland. Ten days in a camper van exploring this beautiful country, living solely off super noodles and beer, we battled the weather and ventured off the beaten path. This is my first real living on the road experience and to be fair I did feel broken a few...
  15. Ovidiu Lixandru

    Canon 600D: Why too much noise on 4K video?

    Hello everybody! I'm trying make a hyperlapse and a time lapse video with Canon 600D (EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II), but i have a problem. I try to do an 4k video but my night timelapse and sunsets are with noise (i mean when i zoom on the picture it's alot of noise) i play my video on a 4k TV...
  16. Alberto Expósito

    KUSALA - A Time-lapse journey through Southeast Asia

    "KUSALA" is the result of a long trip through Southeast Asia, experiencing 5 different countries in a journey of over 10.000 miles. Fascinating and colorful places, wild and unexplored; where areas with an abundance of harmony and mystery contrast with the immense and chaotic urban centres...
  17. Andrei Solomon

    Bucharest at night

    Hi everyone! Here is my first time-lapse/hyper-lapse project i made. The production of this video began on September 19, 2014 and the last scene was shot on August 30, 2017. I wanted to capture the shades of dark, especially between autumn and winter, when days are shorter, giving enough time to...
  18. Rick Kloekke

    ZWOLLE - A Timelapse Short Film - 4K

    Here is a little timelapse film of my home town "Zwolle" in The Netherlands. Enjoy! Rick Kloekke
  19. Jinsheng

    TLDF (TimeLapse DeFlicker) is available on Windows

    After some intensive developing, TLDF is finally available on Windows. Download it here on Windows App Store: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/tldf-timelapse-deflicker/9n1c981z041t *** Marco: In appreciation of your support, I want to send you a full version of TLDF for Windows for you...
  20. timelapse-oi.com

    My new traffic time lapse

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