1. M Attef Ismail

    HELP - Ramper Pro with Syrp Genie 3-axis system?

    Hello I have recently purchased syrp 3 axis system with long track to shoot motion control timelapses. and i wanted to shoot a holy grail timelapses which required to change exposure smoothly from sunset to milklyway until sunrises again.. this is hard to be done manually so i knew i should...
  2. Joost van Wijk

    Hello timelapsers!

    Hi guys i'm Joost van Wijk come from the Netherlands. Always fighting angainst the lightpollution and try the best i can to make dutch timelapses. I started 4 years ago after i saw some National Geochrapic footage of the milkyway. For now i spent a lot of free hours under the nightsky if its...
  3. Chris B

    ARTIO - Northern California Natural Wonders

    Here is my newest project featuring Northern California natural wonders. First time use of Pan and Tilt Syrp Genie Minis on the field. Really changed the game for me. Unlimited possibilities.
  4. Simptonym

    Win 1 of 3 Syrp Camera Timelapse Gear Kits [GIVEAWAY]

    1st prize: Genie Pan Track Kit (Genie, Genie Mini, Ballhead, Short Track) 2nd prize: Magic Carpet Epic Kit (1 x Short Track, 1 x Long) 3rd prize: Magic Carpet Short Track ENTER HERE
  5. nicphtoton

    Timelapse Southern Africa 4K - from my 107 Days in Africa Journey

    I'm extremely happy to release my new timelapse film "Timelapse Southern Africa 4K"! filmed with a Canon 60D and the Syrp Slider. This is my sixth video about southern Africa, the amazing part of this continent, where I travelled for three an a half month this year. It's a place which encloses...
  6. Samim Qazi

    Hi i m new in this amazin netwrok, from Qatar will soon share more stuf..

    hi every one, timelapse is my passion my baby, been workin on timelapses for the last 5 to 6 years ... still learning everyday
  7. B

    Magical Light Time Lapse above Ardeche Canyon (France)

    Dear All, just using Lightroom, yes I still need to get LR-timelapse but I think this is not a bad result. Nasty weather = beautiful timelapse :-) Enjoy feel free to comment, I've quite some comments, in one scene I mis-focussed in the rainy darkness Bjorn
  8. Simptonym

    Win Syrp Genie Camera Motion Control - 3 winners

    Found this great international giveaway, enter to win Syrp Genie, a Genie Mini or a Magic Carpet slider. Enter here:
  9. B

    Sky in motion over Mont Lozere France

    Dear All, I'm a newbie, I hope you like it, load of work and dragging a sleeping bag with me to the remote countryside of the Cevennes. I used Lightroom for processing and combined them in free Windows software, I'm going to invest in LR-Timelapse, when I've bought a new computer. Feel free to...

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