1. J

    Sea of Clouds in Hong Kong

  2. ElemotionPhoto

    Rural Iowa Skies

    This is a time-lapse film we are proud to say is from our home. we hope you enjoy the short 3 minute view through the seasons with stunning sunrises and sunsets. Thanks for watching!
  3. TimelapseShooter

    Heraklion Sunset and Night Sky

    Hi everyone, I bought a new camera, the Nikon D5600 which has a built in timelapse intervalometer. Here is my first couple of timelapses that I shot. They are from the city I live in, Heraklion in Crete, Greece. Hope you like it!!
  4. amandam

    Valletta Full Moon Rise timelapse

    Hey Guys, Here is a short time lapse of the full moon rising over the city of Valletta in Malta. It's probably my best attempt at the Holy Grail but there is still some jumping or flickering. I keep my interval and apeature constant, changing the shutter and ISO gradually as it got darker. I...
  5. Brian Moore

    Discover Bracebridge, a 4k timelapse from Canada

    I'm excited to release my first complete Time-Lapse film "Discover Bracebridge". I've spent the last year (February 2016 – March 2017) capturing footage and have taken over 30,000 pictures for the film. The film showcases how the natural and urban landscape of Bracebridge changes throughout the...
  6. Marco Debus

    Karlsruhe in Motion - A 4k Timelapse Film about life in a city

    Hi community, I'm Marco! I'm a student of mechanical engineering and I'm a dedicated hobby photographer, especially with timelapse shots. I started to pick up the whole timelapse thing about three years ago and since then I can't let got of it ;) I'm doing all of my work with my first camera: A...
  7. TimelapseShooter

    Curtains of the Sunset

    Hi everyone, here is my new Timelapse. Hope you like it and if you do, subscribe. It was shot back in October with my gopro session.
  8. DubaiTimeLapse

    Burj Al Arab Dubai - Time Laps

    Hello Community and greetings from Dubai, I would like to share with you my newest try of producing a time lapse video. I captured the sunset in front of the famous 7-star hotel Burj Al Arab in Dubai. However, I am not really satisfied with the video. Any comments about how to produce a better...
  9. Mark Ellis

    Maui on My Mind

    This was a multi-year effort to capture all of the scenes shown, during several annual visits to Maui. It is meant to be a tribute to Maui. Thank you for feedback! Much appreciated.
  10. peacezxp

    Tanah Tumpah Darahku (The land where my blood has spilt)

    Hi guys, Sharing another compilation of beautiful Malaysia. Consist of landscape and cityscape shot from various states (not all) in Malaysia. I created the compilation as a montage for a photography exhibition opening ceremony. Though I was actually waiting to complete my collection of time...
  11. Sebastien Barrier

    [TL Experimental] Perception of your Dimensions

    This is a visual essay about the perception of our dimensions, I used symmetry and reflection. When I made the movie MATISCO, I wanted to use more this kind of experimental visual but the project took a another direction.
  12. Patrick Cheung

    Twilight Hong Kong

  13. Kai Gradert

    Rise – The Prediction of Everything

    Here is a short movie I just released on Vimeo: “Earth's orbit has been stable for billions of years. Without stability, we would not exist. To create life, we need stability and predictability.” Please give it a like, a share and a squeeze :-) Enjoy & thanks for watching!
  14. Jiri Bajak

    Iceland - Elements of Nature 4K

    2 weeks full of adventure across the Iceland. This country is absolutely amazing! Watch and enjoy this 4K timelapse :)
  15. Christopher Burns

    April 2016 Timelapse Reel

  16. peacezxp

    Simple compilation of my stock time lapse for the 2015

    Sharing a simple compilation of stock time lapse taken for the 2015. A compilation that starts from 31st January 2014 to a few seconds into 1st January 2016 with each sunrise sequence marks the start of a new month. Thanx for viewing guys.
  17. D

    Folegandros In Motion: Summer Timelapse & Dive in a Greek Island

    This is a quick timelapse i was able to shoot within the 10 days of my summer vacation! Folegandros is a small island, part of the Cyclades in the Aegean sea, with excellent small beaches and rich underwater life. It's main village, is situated on next to a steep cliff, where the most beautiful...
  18. Jiri Bajak

    Jeseniky 4K - Timelapse from beautiful mountains in Czech Republic

    2 years of shooting timelapse in Jeseniky mountains - Czech Republic. Trying to catch best moments from 4 annual periods. The gift for me from mountains was an ton of sunsets, sunrises and other beautiful moments, which definitely seduce my heart... Enjoy!
  19. Aaron Priest

    4K Timelapses, Panoramas, & Landscape Astrophotography - Demo Reel

    This is a demo reel of 4K timelapses, panoramas, and landscape astrophotography that I’ve taken over the past couple of years. Lots of bulb ramping for sunset, moon, Milky Way, and sunrise sequences. I put it together for a presentation I gave recently at a camera club. Locations: Bathurst...
  20. Edward

    Sedona Moonlapse Timelapse

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