1. Oliver232

    MAGIC MOMENTS on mount Pilatus | Sunrise | Milky Way | Mountain

    A short time lapse. Magic moments on a beautiful mountain I will never forget:
  2. Zack In a Box

    New York City in Motion

    New York City in Motion Time-lapse and Hyperlapse videos in and around Manhattan. Over 3 years of time-lapse and hyperlapse footage including the sun setting over 42nd street and the moon setting behind the Statue of Liberty.
  3. Jiri Bajak

    Dolomites Madness 8K Timelapse

    1st part of new series from Italian beauty - Dolomites, this time we have absolutely phenomenal weather, semetimes all seasons in one day - snow, rain, storm, milky way, moon, inversion, freezing fog, epic sunset and this is how summer season looks through my point of view! See you...
  4. Don Whitebread

    Canyonlands Light

    The best part of spending time in the American Southwest is watching the light change as clouds drift over the landscape and the sun rises and sets. I have made still photographs in the canyonlands for decades, and now time-lapse photography lets me show this spectacular country the way I really...
  5. Patrick Cheung

    New Horizon Japan 4K

    Visit Japan one week and filmed this video. Hope everyone like it.
  6. Michał Janiszewski

    "Rhythm of the mountains"– discover the bauty of polish mountains... (4K timelapse)

    For the last 3 years, in my own projects, I have tried to show my beloved city – Warsaw in unusual way. In this year I decided to refer my attention to another part of Poland - Polish Mountains. PROJECT DETAILS: - we have traveled over 2,000 km; - we reached a dozen of peaks; - we walked...
  7. Vincent Graf

    Become the Color | a timelapse short film | 4K

    "When the first sunlight of the day touches the skin of the earth the darkness fades to become the color." This is my first Timelapse film. All the timelapse in this film where taken in south Italy In September and October 2017. I went out on about 10 days and shot all these sunsets, sunrises...
  8. Fred Photo

    Gruyere - Switzerland - Autour du Lac -HD Time Lapse

    An amazing journey around the Gruyère's Lake in Switzerland, from sunrise to sunset. Up to 5'000 pictures was tooken to do this video in my free time, during 4 months. The soundtrack is custom-made for this film, by myself. Credit Music: Frédéric Perriard Locations : Lake of Gruyère, Thusy...
  9. Brian Moore

    Muskoka Morning Light 4k

    A short time-lapse film captured during one morning over the Labour Day weekend from Port Sydney beach of fog during sunrise over Mary Lake in Port Sydney, Ontario, Canada. I arrived at 5:45am to capture sunrise photos of Mary Lake. I changed plans once I saw that entire lake was covered by a...
  10. Nathan Starzynski

    The Magic of Mount Seymour 4k

    I originally shared this to Vimeo one year ago today, but didn't know about this forum at that point. Now the one year anniversary seems as good a time as any to re-share. The film ended up achieving a Vimeo Staff Pick, as well as official selection in the National Geographic Short Film Showcase...
  11. Jinsheng

    Summer Clouds

    Summer is a great season to shoot timelapse of clouds during the day or sunset/sunrise times and you don't have to go far! Most of the sequences were shot near home.
  12. Simon Plat

    horizon - Boschplaat in timelapse

    Hi, please watch my newest creation, shot in one of Hollands greatest nature reserves at the Dutch island of Terschelling: Simon
  13. J

    Sea of Clouds in Hong Kong

  14. ElemotionPhoto

    Rural Iowa Skies

    This is a time-lapse film we are proud to say is from our home. we hope you enjoy the short 3 minute view through the seasons with stunning sunrises and sunsets. Thanks for watching!
  15. Marco Debus

    Karlsruhe in Motion - A 4k Timelapse Film about life in a city

    Hi community, I'm Marco! I'm a student of mechanical engineering and I'm a dedicated hobby photographer, especially with timelapse shots. I started to pick up the whole timelapse thing about three years ago and since then I can't let got of it ;) I'm doing all of my work with my first camera: A...
  16. Mark Ellis

    Maui on My Mind

    This was a multi-year effort to capture all of the scenes shown, during several annual visits to Maui. It is meant to be a tribute to Maui. Thank you for feedback! Much appreciated.
  17. peacezxp

    Tanah Tumpah Darahku (The land where my blood has spilt)

    Hi guys, Sharing another compilation of beautiful Malaysia. Consist of landscape and cityscape shot from various states (not all) in Malaysia. I created the compilation as a montage for a photography exhibition opening ceremony. Though I was actually waiting to complete my collection of time...
  18. Christoph Schlatter

    Lights over Switzerland II

    The second part of the time-lapse production "Lights over Switzerland". The images of this timelapse are all from Switzerland, mostly taken at night under the stars. The scenes were taken in the region of Valais, Graubünden and Bern on the most beautiful natural places which Switzerland offers...
  19. Sebastien Barrier

    [TL Experimental] Perception of your Dimensions

    This is a visual essay about the perception of our dimensions, I used symmetry and reflection. When I made the movie MATISCO, I wanted to use more this kind of experimental visual but the project took a another direction.
  20. Patrick Cheung

    Twilight Hong Kong

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