1. kunze_moers

    Astronomy timelapse from Namibia - southern africa

    I created a time-lapse video in Namibia. In 7 nights at different locations, I specifically recorded the night sky with the Milky Way. The music of a South African street musician rounds off the impressive sky shots. Here is the video link: Gear used...
  2. Nick Sullivan

    Enduring desert, eternal sky

    Hi all ... Here's a timelapse I just completed after a week-long journey to the Utah desert; the Moab area, Arches and Canyonlands National Parks ... an otherworldly place to see
  3. Asif Islam

    Short film on 'The Art of Night'

    I would like to share with you my short film The Art of Night, which is a short film showcasing the beauty of the night sky: from moon, stars, milky way, galaxies to the aurora borealis. Night sky reminds us that we are a small part of a huge Cosmos and provides us an opportunity to reconnect...
  4. Christoph Schlatter

    LIGHTS OVER SWITZERLAND - The four seasons (4K, UHD)

    Four seasons by day and night After more than a year of work it is now here, my third and so far most elaborate timelapse film. It was shot with a high-resolution Nikon D800 at some of the many beautiful places in nature. Winter, spring, summer and fall, all four seasons united in one film...
  5. Jiri Bajak


    ADVENTURE BEGINS Before 15,5 years Gandalf and Hobbits invites me to the Shire. Now, after spending half of my life dreaming about this journey finally i have an opportunity to visit the beautiful New Zealand and search for my old friends...but i didn´t know, where the Shire was. So i have to...

    The Flow (of La Palma) - 4K/UHD

    The clouds create a unique spectacle when they meet the Canary Island of La Palma. Located 420 kilometres off the African coast, the Northeastern Passat provides a pleasant, cool and humid climate here - quite unlike the neighbouring Sahara desert on the neighbouring mainland. This time lapse...
  7. Michał Janiszewski

    "Rhythm of the mountains"– discover the bauty of polish mountains... (4K timelapse)

    For the last 3 years, in my own projects, I have tried to show my beloved city – Warsaw in unusual way. In this year I decided to refer my attention to another part of Poland - Polish Mountains. PROJECT DETAILS: - we have traveled over 2,000 km; - we reached a dozen of peaks; - we walked...
  8. Asif Islam

    Short film on astronomy and light pollution

    I would like to share with you my short film on how light pollution affects the view of the night sky. It shows how the view gets progressively better as the light pollution reduces (from Los Angeles to Great Basin desert). More details in the description of the video. I got great response...
  9. Oliver232

    Sleepless in Switzerland

    Hi there I work on this time lapse since February 2017. We can see the galactic center of the milky way only from February until September in Switzerland. I took every chance I could to catch it... even the weather was bad and the moon still there. All I could do is try and hope that the clouds...
  10. ElemotionPhoto

    Rural Iowa Skies

    This is a time-lapse film we are proud to say is from our home. we hope you enjoy the short 3 minute view through the seasons with stunning sunrises and sunsets. Thanks for watching!
  11. TimelapseShooter

    Heraklion Sunset and Night Sky

    Hi everyone, I bought a new camera, the Nikon D5600 which has a built in timelapse intervalometer. Here is my first couple of timelapses that I shot. They are from the city I live in, Heraklion in Crete, Greece. Hope you like it!!
  12. mesut felat

    Hello from Turkey

    Hi timelapsers, Let me introduce myself to the community. I am a photographer and timelapser, i started timelapse photography for about 3 years, i first used canon 7d with an intervalometer then started to use magic lantern to do the timelapses. I usually like to do timelapse of nature...
  13. gosky

    Sardinian Dream

    Hi there, I want to share with you one of my TL made in June around an Island called Sardinia! I really hope to receive some feedback and tips from all of you! Clear skies everyone!
  14. Christoph Schlatter

    Lights over Switzerland II

    The second part of the time-lapse production "Lights over Switzerland". The images of this timelapse are all from Switzerland, mostly taken at night under the stars. The scenes were taken in the region of Valais, Graubünden and Bern on the most beautiful natural places which Switzerland offers...
  15. E

    Touch the Stars. Time-Lapse

    2000 RAW Image Files Location: Russian Federation, Shirokovskiy Village Camera: Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7 Lens: Panasonic 14-140mm f/4.0-5.8 Samyang 8mm f/3.5 Canon EF (Zhongyi Lens Turbo adapter EF-m43) Samyang 24mm f/1.4 Canon EF (Zhongyi Lens Turbo adapter EF-m43)
  16. nicphtoton

    Timelapse Southern Africa 4K - from my 107 Days in Africa Journey

    I'm extremely happy to release my new timelapse film "Timelapse Southern Africa 4K"! filmed with a Canon 60D and the Syrp Slider. This is my sixth video about southern Africa, the amazing part of this continent, where I travelled for three an a half month this year. It's a place which encloses...
  17. Jiri Bajak

    Jeseniky - Winter Time-Lapse Adventure 4K

    Winter in Jeseniky mountains is slowly ending and it´s time to remind ourselves, what kind of beauty brought to us this year! Timefocus Films proudly presents our latest video, we worked at this for the 5 months ... Video "Jesenik - Winter Time-Lapse Adventure 4K" takes you on a journey through...
  18. Bruno Pisani

    Tarvisiano, Hidden Treasure

    I'm extremely happy to release my new timelapse film, "Tarvisiano, Hidden Treasure"! Over 25k shots, more than 50 sequences, almost 1TB of Raw Files. More than 10000m D+, 12 nights in the mountains, in bivouaks and tents, carrying a 20kg rucksack and my Shootools Slider! More than 100 hours...
  19. Maciej Tomków

    Behind The Timelapse - Namibia

    Hello ladies & gents, I just finished new Behind The Timelapse from Namibia in South Africa - one of the darkest places on our planet, perfrect for night photography and full of beautiful landscapes. A dreamplace for timelapse cinematographers. Official trailer is coming out at the end of...

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