1. Mattia Bicchi

    Madrid | Timelapse & Hyperlapse | 8K

    My 2020 Timelapse and Hyperlapse showreel it's all about Madrid, not because I didn't travel, but because it became my new home! With this timelapse, I wanted to showcase some of my favourite spot I shot in 2019! Thank you, Madrid for gifting me with the incredible skies at sunset and for the...
  2. Mattia Bicchi

    A Day in Toledo - 8K

    I planned all the shots for around a month and then rented a car and spend five days, a couple of weeks ago, shooting Timelapse and Hyerlapse around the beautiful city of Toledo, just one hour from Madrid. All shot with the A7RIII and few Canon lenses and used the Rhino ROV pro for the motion...
  3. Cloudhunt42

    Montaña Iberia - Mountains of Portugal and Spain

    In Summer 2018 we traveled from the Algarve through the Mountains of Portugal and northern Spain. Already in the beginning of the trip when we had to outrun the bushfires in Algarve i broke my slider and so this work became a little bit back to the roots. But staing outside in the mountains was...
  4. Mattia Bicchi

    LIGHTS OF MADRID | A Christmas TimeLapse | 8K

    Hi guys! This is the first Christmas I spend in this incredible city, after moving from London, I thought that it would be a great opportunity to make a Time Lapse & Hyperlapse Film about the beautiful decorations that make Madrid such a great city to visit during this time of the year. To...
  5. trinkete

    Pontevedra Tourlapse, 75000 pics showing the best of my hometown

    This is one of the most crazy projects i ever did, 5 months shooting around my hometown i tried my best to show a flowmotion of this city, my hometown become in a "laboratory" to experiment with a DIY slider and experiment hyperlapse technique, several hyperlapses are done without tripod...
  6. Manel Cebrian

    Sunset during a Partial Solar Eclipse

    It is a time-lapse scene that lasts 1 minute of the sunset that there was on A Coruña (Galicia) on Monday, 21st August, 2017, near the Hercules Tower. That day a partial eclipse was visible shortly before sunset. The event began at 8:43 pm and lasted until 9:24 pm, three minutes before sunset.
  7. ptimelapse

    Timelapse - My Trip To Madrid

    This is a video in the timelapse technique that recalls the trip I made in 2015 to Madrid to participate in the film festival Timelapse Showfest: I hope you guys, like it!
  8. trinkete

    Combarro Tourlapse a lovely fishing village in Galicia at the NorthWest of Spain

    Last year i need 4 months to shot all the hyperlapses, holy grails, motion timelapses, boat-lapses , walk-lapses and even some stars timelapse to create a tour around this lovely fishing village.Over 50000 pics Gear: Syrp Genie Sony a7s2/Canon 5d MKII Press Play and discover Combarro!
  9. Jose Angel Arroyos

    Epithaph of the Nature

    Epithaph of the Nature Nature.... listen to it, feel it. Time-lapse made in natural places of Catalonia (Spain) Editing and photography: Jose Angel Arroyos. Music by: Joel Olivé EQUIPMENT USED Cameras: Canon 6D, Canon 700D, Canon 550D Lenses: Samyang...
  10. jaicano

    Madrid from my balcony

    First of all, excuse my English. I 'm an amateur photographer I after more than 6 years of taking photos and timelapses the Skyline of Madrid, made this video, which summarizes my work on the 4 CTBA. Several cameras and lenses, and also from different places. I hope you like it...
  11. Rickyloca

    City of Arts and Sciences - Valencia

    Hi guys! here it is my very first short videoclip! =) It's the result of 9 days spent in Valencia last september, it's a great city to live in and the architecture is just fantastic! Unfortunately the Palau of las Artes was under renovation and wrapped in scaffoldings so I had to concentrate...
  12. Daniel Santos

    Piece of Somiedo

    Hello everyone. Not as famous and well known as Picos de Europa, the Somiedo Natural Park (a 2h30mn from the first) also has a magnificent mountain scenery, beautiful lakes and breathtaking natural beauty. Probably the fact that it is less well known and not as trendy is what makes the asturian...
  13. samstonehill

    MTD#4 Time-lapse/hyper-lapse diary, Barcelona to Gandesa.

    I have been shooting a video diary with my Gopro since the day I said goodbye to my static London life & set out on a barefoot journey of international discovery & time-lapse inspired adventures. Moving Timelapse Diary #4 takes us from Barcelona to Gandesa where we continue our quest for...
  14. samstonehill

    Spain & Pamplona time-lapse journey (MTD#2)

    This is part 2 of Moving Timelapse Diary. The Moving Timelapse team go from the Spanish wilderness to the beautiful city of Pamplona where we stay for a week and shoot a bunch of time-lapse. Part 1 can be found here....
  15. samstonehill

    I gave up my home & possessions to follow my creativity

    This is my Moving Timelapse Mantra - Follow your Creativity. It is a collection of shots and thoughts from my life. Thank you to the many people who helped me along the way. Please check out my Youtube page for more.
  16. Winniedeharo

    TIMELAPSE Almería Landscapes (Spain)

    Hi, my name is Eduardo Hernandez de Haro. I'm from Almería (southern Spain) and here is my first attempt in Time-Lapse tecnique. I hope you like it

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