1. R

    Shootools Slider One with Motion Control Kit - VIDEO Review

    Hey Folks We've made a review a few weeks ago and wanted to show you the Slider. We where searching for a long time wich to take cause there are a few of them on the market. In the end you always need to make a compromise but we are still happy with it. We couldn't really find a video about...
  2. ShooTools

    New Slider ONE eXtention Track 240 ShooTools

    The perfect camera slider for the Timelapser always on the move. You have at your disposal 3 rails, in way to set-up a slider of 80, 160 or 240cm TIMELAPSE: Maximum portability, in only one bag of 80cm you can carry with you a slider of 240cm. Perfect for extreme location and the...
  3. Kirk Norbury

    Shootools ONE Time-lapse Slider Review

    Hi, my name is Kirk Norbury I'm a time-lapse photographer based in Ayrshire Scotland and I thought I'd upload my review of the Shootools slider that I've been using for the last year or so :) In this review I'll be looking at Shootool's One Slider for timelapse and filmmaking. Shootools is an...

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