1. gLITch ch4nn3l

    Using an iPhone 7 Plus for Timelapse in 4K HDR in Paris

    First day with my new Precious. Been to the Eiffel Tower to test the iPhone 7 Plus with ProCam 4 In 4K and HDR ! Why not ? Maybe because I'm sick since 3 days ;). My first impression is good, need to do that a lot more to be sure. As usual, my Genie Mini is doing the motion control, thanks Syrp.
  2. gLITch ch4nn3l

    Bonjour from Paris

    I'm shooting timelapse since 2 years and it take me a big part of my free time. I'm using the last generation iPhone, a Genie mini from Syrp and ProCam V3 application. I'm fare from the quality of what you guys are shooting but I still enjoy doing my stuff. I've got a YouTube channel where you...

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