1. FalaahNasser

    Time-lapser from Oman

    Hello everybody I am a time lapse photographer from Oman. I have been shooting time lapse for almost 6 years now. I shoot time lapse as a hobby in my free time. I shot mainly using Nikon D750 with it kit lens 24-70 f/4. I use Dynamic perception as motion control system. My footage are...
  2. E

    The Island - South Africa

    Hello, I was fortunate to shoot a beautiful sunset over the ocean and an island last weekend... here is the result: I welcome comments or constructive criticism. I also wrote the short music in the video. Camera: Nikon D700 Lens: Rokinon 14mm f2.8 Controlled by: Qdslrdashboard - iPad...
  3. Marcel Gallaun

    WOODLANDS - Beauty of Austria | 4K Timelapse

    After over one year of filming my Timelapse short-film "WOODLANDS - Beauty of Austria" is finaly online. The short-film portraits Austrian Landscapes through all four seasons. Lean back and enjoy the beautiful Austrian nature. The film was mainly "filmed" with the Nikon D5200 and a Samyang 14mm...
  4. Marcel Gallaun

    LOFOTEN - Beauty of Norway | 4K Timelapse

    In September 2017 I had the chance to spend one week on the Lofoten Islands in northern Norway. During my one week visit I've created the Timelapse short-film "LOFOTEN - Beauty of Norway". The film consits of more than 30.000 images and was mainly "filmed" with the Nikon D5200 and a Samyang 14mm...
  5. Brendon Gilchrist

    Earth Whispers Movie (First Post)

    Hey guys I'm new here I have just published my latest time lapse film titled "Earth Whispers" I thought of what does the Earth sound like, how can we relate to the Earth, and how does what time lapse photographers see the world in a whole new way that others can't see, to vision where clouds are...
  6. TimelapseShooter

    Heraklion Sunset and Night Sky

    Hi everyone, I bought a new camera, the Nikon D5600 which has a built in timelapse intervalometer. Here is my first couple of timelapses that I shot. They are from the city I live in, Heraklion in Crete, Greece. Hope you like it!!
  7. Cloudhunt42

    Three years of hunting clouds... and their little stories...

    Little stories from the border of the solid Earth and the invisible world above... Three years of travelling with Timelapse Photography in 5 Minutes. Three years in which i start to love the movement of clouds fall for the life in a other time... be calm and listen to your sensibility... the...
  8. Synekism

    Hello from Canada!

    Hello! I'm starting a multi-year timelapse of Toronto, Canada. This is inspiration for a SimCity-style game I've been working on for a while now. No idea how it will turn out but I'm committed now. Will probably spam the "Showcase your final creation" forum once I have something to share. :)...
  9. Andrew Cooney

    Explore Canada - A trip through Alberta & British Columbia

    I recently spent 2 months in this beautiful destination. Coming from Australia, it's quite the change! I loved this place, and shooting over 130,000 images over 11,000 km of travel, this was by far one of the best adventures yet. Explore Canada is a multi part series of films taking you...
  10. Christoph Schlatter

    Lights over Switzerland II

    The second part of the time-lapse production "Lights over Switzerland". The images of this timelapse are all from Switzerland, mostly taken at night under the stars. The scenes were taken in the region of Valais, Graubünden and Bern on the most beautiful natural places which Switzerland offers...
  11. Ahmet Yasir Karakaş

    Ankara 4K Timelapse Film

    The capital city of Turkey Nikon D5100 Body Nikkor 18-55 AF-S Kit Lens Tokina 11-16 DX II Slik 400 DX Tripod JYC Timelapser B+W ND 10 Filtre
  12. Rea


    A MEGA city, tiny but heavily populated. I had to film all those people running around. Music : James Everingham - Carbon Nikon D810 + Prime lens 20mm 35mm 50mm f/1.8 / 80-200mm F/4 Places : Npong Ping Victoria Peak Victoria Harbor Tsim Sha Tsui The Peninsula Hotel 1881 Heritage Mongkok Sky 100
  13. Kai Gradert

    Novoflex EOS/NIK-NT Lens Adapter for Nikon G Type Lenses to Canon EOS

    Attach Nikon G Type Lenses to Canon EOS DSLR Cameras. I have spare that I am not using. Never been used. Made in Germany. $199 + Shipping Please note that this adapter will not provide any automatic lens functions.

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