night photography

  1. Asif Islam

    Short film on 'The Art of Night'

    I would like to share with you my short film The Art of Night, which is a short film showcasing the beauty of the night sky: from moon, stars, milky way, galaxies to the aurora borealis. Night sky reminds us that we are a small part of a huge Cosmos and provides us an opportunity to reconnect...
  2. Jiri Bajak

    Jeseniky - Life In Harmony

    Today starts first astronomic autumn day, oficially...although the true ruller in the mountains for a couple of weeks is Autumn and night frosts are no exception! Regularly the weather will screw us and a lot of shooting attempts will fail...It does not bother us for 4 hours to walk in rain...
  3. Chris B

    Northern Lights rarely seen at this latitude

    Gills Rock in Door County, Wisconsin is at 45.2902° N latitude. It is as low as Northern Italy - geographically. I took a 4.5 hour drive up north from Chicago with a great hope to see Aurora Borealis and was rewarded with amazing display. Very unusual (once in a decade) natural phenomenon...
  4. Brian Moore

    Discover Bracebridge, a 4k timelapse from Canada

    I'm excited to release my first complete Time-Lapse film "Discover Bracebridge". I've spent the last year (February 2016 – March 2017) capturing footage and have taken over 30,000 pictures for the film. The film showcases how the natural and urban landscape of Bracebridge changes throughout the...
  5. Michael Zheng

    Find My Soul In The Midnight Starry Sky

    Time Lapse taken at Racetrack Playa at Death Valley National Park.
  6. Chris B

    Wisconsin Teaser

    Some samples of timelapses from my new video. Work in progress
  7. Darren Wilch

    On the Rocks, Cambodia. A mini Utha

    Ok, a new place, never shot something like this through the night, so a learning curve. Murphy's law yet again! Secne1 – DP motor plays up on my rig – loose half the sequence. S2, ok! S3 again problem with motor. Eventually, phone dies which controls qdslrdashboard & NMX controller – cant...

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