1. Elix95

    Changing Weather - Dolomites Timelapse in 4K

    In this short timelapse film you will see the beautiful mountains and landscapes in the dolomites. In july 2019 we went on vacation with the van in the dolomites. We were impressed with the beautiful landscape. Unfortunately, due to the weather, I was unable to visit all of the planned...
  2. Jiri Bajak

    Jeseniky 8K - Misty Mountains

    Winter that wasn't winter! Very strange winter hit this season Czech Republic, almost no snow in locations, where is normally meter or two of snow. But where something missing there is something else more ... and there were more inversions! Much more. MISTY MOUNTAINS! And so every day in this...
  3. Flo Nick

    HIGHER GROUND | Mont Blanc Massif 4K

    Every year millions of people come to experience the majestic mountains around Chamonix in the French Alps. Whether theyʼre mountain climbers, backcountry skiers, hikers or tourists - they all embrace the Mont Blanc massif in their very own way. And so did I as a filmmaker and timelapse...
  4. Casper Rolsted

    The Silence of Scotland

    My new film takes you on a beautiful journey through the Scottish Highlands. Headphones recommended.
  5. Chris B

    Through - Wisconsin 4K Time Lapse

    New time lapse compilation "THROUGH". Take a relaxing trip through Wisconsin's natural beauty. Always CC appreciated from fellow members. Shot with Kessler Crane® TLS bundle.
  6. Casper Rolsted

    NORWAY in motion

    Experience the beautiful landscapes of Norway in my new film
  7. marcusmoller_dp


    It’s online. My new project that I’ve been shooting for the past two years, Trying to hit the right whether conditions. I want to show how i see the world, through the lens that is. :) Shot in the northen parts of Sweden, Ottsjö, Åre Equipment used: DJI INSPIRE 2 with X5s and X7 DJI MAVIC...
  8. Marcel Gallaun

    ALPENGLOW - Beauty of Austria | 4K

    Happy new year everyone! After over one year of filming and hiking in the beautiful alpine regions of Austria I’d like to present my latest timelapse short-film “ALPENGLOW – Beauty of Austria”. Alpenglow is the second part of my Austria timelapse series and this time the creation process...
  9. Ron

    Boketto: Timelapse Film

    Over the past 6 years I have been leading advanced time lapse photography workshops throughout the U.S. but with a focus on the American Southwest (night sky) and midwest (storm chasing). These workshops allow photographers to try out some of the latest motion control time lapse gear, but are...
  10. Jiri Bajak


    JESENIKY 8K It's been almost 3 years since i release the first part called Jeseniky 4K, and I think it's time to launch another part... this time Jeseniky 8K. Technological progress has gone forward and so you can enjoy the view of Jeseniky such as never before! Almost two-year shooting of this...
  11. leandroprz

    Anemia - A time-lapse experiment where nature comes back to life through music

    This is a bit of an experiment, very different from what I was working with on my last time-lapse, Norte Argentino II.
  12. Marcel Gallaun

    SCOTLAND - A Highland Tale

    It's finally time for a new video from my side ;) In September I had the chance to spend one week in Scotland and create my latest Ttimelapse short-film called "SCOTLAND - A Highland Tale". Filming conditions in Scotland were often pretty harsh, with winds over 100km/h and heavy rain...
  13. Chris B

    CLOSE - Wisconsin 4K Time Lapse

    I proudly present you my final time lapse production throughout Wisconsin State Parks and more. Whole year of photographing amazing places to complete my goal. Shares, comments, likes really appreciated. Let me know what you think.
  14. Casper Rolsted

    Undisturbed Norway - a timelapse adventure

    Finished yet another timelapse film with pure nature shots. All is made in 2017 were I had the pleasure to travel around Norway two times. 2 weeks in May and 3 weeks in July. It is my hope that the film will contribute to a deeper understanding and gratitude of the natural wonders and to a...
  15. Chris B

    DIVERSITY - Hawaii Time Lapse

    It has been quite a while since my last time lapse film. Finally I was able to finish the footage waiting in line to be published. As always finding good music to feel the scenery takes a lot of time and sometimes is very frustrating. At last this score catched my attention and sound matched my...
  16. Robin Seifert

    The beauty of silence: Neuschwanstein in time-lapse

    This is just a one minute long video of my travel to the world famous castle Neuschwanstein. The masses of people just shocked me and I wanted to make a short timelapse film focusing on that issue. I also went onto the Zugspitze.
  17. Marcel Gallaun

    LOFOTEN - Beauty of Norway | 4K Timelapse

    In September 2017 I had the chance to spend one week on the Lofoten Islands in northern Norway. During my one week visit I've created the Timelapse short-film "LOFOTEN - Beauty of Norway". The film consits of more than 30.000 images and was mainly "filmed" with the Nikon D5200 and a Samyang 14mm...
  18. Casper Rolsted

    The Silence of Norway

    My new film takes you on a mindful journey through the nature of Norway. It is a mix of timelapses and aerial shots. Headphones of good quality are highly recommended.

    Life above clouds - Tenerife timelapse

    During my 2 week trip to Tenerife in August 2015, more than 10.000 pictures were made. Around 6.000 of them found their way into this timelapse video. The real time behind all sequences together is around 11h 20 min. Shot with a Nikon D750 and mostly the Tokina 16-28mm f2.8 lens. This video...
  20. Riku Karjalainen

    Greetings from Finland

    Hi everyone! Finally joined the forum after been a reader for a some time now. I'm 20 years old timelapse cinematographer and filmmaker based in Kajaani, Finland. Now for almost a year I've been doing timelapses full-time after my military service ended. Most of work have been shared mostly...

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