1. b-zOOmi

    Seamless Hyperlapse Flight through a Modern Art Museum [60 FPS 4K]

    Hi Timelapse Collegues, I am completely new to this forum and I pretty regret to not being here earlier. Anyways, this is one of my newer projects I was luckily able to produce in summer 2018. And finally the museum gave me the "OK" to share it on my own platforms this year. The cool thing was...
  2. Aaron Priest

    Formula for degrees of movement for smooth timelapse

    I was recently asked at a workshop if there was a good formula or rule of thumb for estimating how many frames one should take for a pan to still get smooth video. I wagered that 0.2% of your image width is probably acceptable, but I'm not certain if that's a solid estimate or not. I have to do...

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