1. Flo Nick

    HIGHER GROUND | Mont Blanc Massif 4K

    Every year millions of people come to experience the majestic mountains around Chamonix in the French Alps. Whether theyʼre mountain climbers, backcountry skiers, hikers or tourists - they all embrace the Mont Blanc massif in their very own way. And so did I as a filmmaker and timelapse...
  2. Marcel Gallaun

    SCOTLAND - A Highland Tale

    It's finally time for a new video from my side ;) In September I had the chance to spend one week in Scotland and create my latest Ttimelapse short-film called "SCOTLAND - A Highland Tale". Filming conditions in Scotland were often pretty harsh, with winds over 100km/h and heavy rain...
  3. Jiri Bajak

    Dolomites Madness 8K Timelapse

    1st part of new series from Italian beauty - Dolomites, this time we have absolutely phenomenal weather, semetimes all seasons in one day - snow, rain, storm, milky way, moon, inversion, freezing fog, epic sunset and this is how summer season looks through my point of view! See you...
  4. Yohlekid

    Ants on the slopes of Val d'Isère

    As a timelapse photographer based in Val d'Isère, I wanted to make a timelapse movie like this one and show you what it's like to ski in Val d'Isère. I decided to create this timelapse about Val d'Isère because I love to capture skiers going down the slopes and sunsets on the top of mountains...
  5. Yohlekid

    I am a traveling timelapse and hyperlapse photographer (showreel 2018)

    Hello beautiful time lapse network. First of all thank you Marco for allowing us to share our work. You created such a great place here. I was so happy to have one of my previews work (timelapse of the euro 2016 cup fanzone tour) featured on your website. Since then, my skills have improve and I...
  6. Christoph Schlatter

    LIGHTS OVER SWITZERLAND - The four seasons (4K, UHD)

    Four seasons by day and night After more than a year of work it is now here, my third and so far most elaborate timelapse film. It was shot with a high-resolution Nikon D800 at some of the many beautiful places in nature. Winter, spring, summer and fall, all four seasons united in one film...
  7. Jiri Bajak


    ADVENTURE BEGINS Before 15,5 years Gandalf and Hobbits invites me to the Shire. Now, after spending half of my life dreaming about this journey finally i have an opportunity to visit the beautiful New Zealand and search for my old friends...but i didn´t know, where the Shire was. So i have to...
  8. Fred Photo

    Gruyere - Switzerland - Autour du Lac -HD Time Lapse

    An amazing journey around the Gruyère's Lake in Switzerland, from sunrise to sunset. Up to 5'000 pictures was tooken to do this video in my free time, during 4 months. The soundtrack is custom-made for this film, by myself. Credit Music: Frédéric Perriard Locations : Lake of Gruyère, Thusy...
  9. Christian

    DOLOMITES 4K Time-Lapse

    I've had the chance to spend a week in the Dolomites in Italy to capture a time-lapse movie showing some of the beautiful mountains around that area. I've captured around 5000 pictures (didn't have more time :/ ). I used a a Canon EOS 6D, several lenses: Canon 24-105mm, Tokina 11-16mm, Sigma...
  10. Joost van Wijk

    Hello timelapsers!

    Hi guys i'm Joost van Wijk come from the Netherlands. Always fighting angainst the lightpollution and try the best i can to make dutch timelapses. I started 4 years ago after i saw some National Geochrapic footage of the milkyway. For now i spent a lot of free hours under the nightsky if its...
  11. Nathan Starzynski

    The Magic of Mount Seymour 4k

    I originally shared this to Vimeo one year ago today, but didn't know about this forum at that point. Now the one year anniversary seems as good a time as any to re-share. The film ended up achieving a Vimeo Staff Pick, as well as official selection in the National Geographic Short Film Showcase...
  12. janingelarsen

    4 Seasons Helgeland-Norway (4K)

    4 Sesaons includes Northern Lights show, great fjords and magnificent view in the mountains of Helgeland- Northern Norway. A timelapse short produced in 4K by Jan Inge Larsen. See Vimeo: Free to stream and share with credit. No commercial use without an aggrement. Produced in 4K Camera used...
  13. CRobert145

    Frieden - A Timelapse Short Film

    Hey guys! Robert here! I am proud to share with you my very first timelapse project, "Frieden", representing my recent journey this summer in the Northern Limestone Alps, through Germany and Austria. 25 days of biking, hiking and camping through some of the most amazing sights in the Bavarian...
  14. Casper Rolsted

    Undisturbed Nature - a timelapse adventure

    Hi again Now I am back with my second film from Norway. This time it is about the undisturbed nature. As always I am very open to constructive feedback about how I can improve my films.
  15. Casper Rolsted

    Hello from Denmark

    I am new in timelapse photography. I started experimenting half a year ago before a 7000 km long road trip through Norway to the North Cape. The amazing landscapes in Norway gave great opportunities to make timelapses sequences and also experimenting with aerial photography. I have been...
  16. Casper Rolsted

    THE MIDNIGHT SUN – Timelapse and aerial photography from Norway

    Hello guys! This is my first timelapse. I have mixed the timelapse footage with some aerial photography which also is new to me. The material for this film is made in Norway close to the North Cape. I am now planning my next film ... I have so much footage from an amazing 7000 km long road...
  17. janingelarsen

    Helgeland- Norway in 4K

    A timelapse short from the area Helgeland in Northern Norway. Nature at Helgeland with mountains that rise directly from the sea in shapes you have never seen before, a mountain shaped like a hat or like a lion and glaciers. The nature in Helgeland provide you magical nature-based experiences on...
  18. BungToad

    "The Blue Ridge Escarpment" - Timelapse of the Carolina Mountains

    Just finished up this project and I'm pretty proud of it. Spent 3 months in upstate SC after a year and a half in Chicago. The escarpment is where the Blue Ridge Mountains end and the Foothills begin. Here is a map of the escarpment area:
  19. OlivierMercier

    Hyperlapses in the Alps

    Hi, here is a quick video with HDR timelapse and regular timelapse I've made in the French Alps
  20. samstonehill

    France time-lapse teaser & cute baby Christmas wishes to everyone!

    A current update from Moving Timelapse. From our home in the Pyrenees, South of France, a first look at our baby son Esteban & a morning in the life of our little family. From baby duties to sunrise time-lapse shots in the mountains, it's never a dull day for me. This film also serves as a...

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