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  1. mfr_dale

    Miami Timelapse

    Hi Everybody! Here's a short timelapse film I created in Miami earlier in the year. This was shot alongside a corporate event I shoot in the states each year. Every hour I wasn't shooting the event I was off around the city attempting to get as many 'lapses as I could. I'd love to have gotten...
  2. Zack In a Box

    New York City Energy! - Intense Time-lapse videos around Manhattan

    New York City Energy! A Time-lapse video as intense as NYC. Watch day turn to night with the moon lighting the city in time-lapse and hyperlapse captured around New York City in iconic landmarks like Brooklyn Bridge, One World Trade Center, Statue of Liberty, Chrysler Building, Times Square...
  3. Kai Gradert

    Second Shooter Plus Controller (Timelapse Motion Control)

    I have three sliders, but I rarely take more than two controllers with me. I am selling one of my controllers. The Second Shooter Plus Controller is the brain of the Second Shooter Plus platform. Easily configure 1-3 axis setups with a single controller or combine with another 1st generation...
  4. Ron

    Las Vegas - April 8th (Sunday) - NAB Timelapse Field Workshop

    Field Workshop: On-Location Day & Night Sky Time-lapse Photography Join, Ron Risman, on location in one of the most creative shoot locations in Nevada, Nelson Ghost Town. This in-field workshop will help you learn and perfect your time-lapse skills whether you are just...

    Life above clouds - Tenerife timelapse

    During my 2 week trip to Tenerife in August 2015, more than 10.000 pictures were made. Around 6.000 of them found their way into this timelapse video. The real time behind all sequences together is around 11h 20 min. Shot with a Nikon D750 and mostly the Tokina 16-28mm f2.8 lens. This video...
  6. Zack In a Box

    Motorized Camera Tripod Dolly for eMotimo Spectrum Motion Control Time-lapse

    This is a motorized camera dolly for the eMotimo Spectrum. It gives you the freedom to drive for your third axis time-lapse or motion control video production. This is an incredible motion control device that will free your captures to what you can imagine. You will no longer be limited to you...
  7. Zack In a Box

    Motorized Camera Tripod Dolly Dynamic Perception NMX Motion Control Time-lapse

    This is a motorized camera dolly for the Dynamic Perception NMX. It gives you the freedom to drive for your third axis time-lapse or motion control video production. This is an incredible motion control device that will free your captures to what you can imagine. You will no longer be limited...
  8. Zack In a Box

    Seasons of NYC - A Time-lapse and Hyperlapse journey through the four seasons in Manhattan

    Seasons of NYC Time-lapse and Hyperlapse videos of the changing seasons in Manhattan, New York Watch the seasons change from Spring on 42nd Street and Madison Square Park to summer and fall in Central Park to winter in Long Island City. Over 30,000 photos captured over a 3 years to create this...
  9. Usmaan Z. Chaudhry

    For Sale - eMotimo Spectrum & iFootage Shark Slider

    Hi folks! I'm selling 1) an eMotimo Spectrum pan & tilt head and 2) an iFootage Shark Slider S1. $2500 total for both items (current retail price is $3200 through eMotimo). Shipping within US included. Can hand deliver in Washington DC area as well. Open to selling individually as well - please...
  10. B

    eMotimo ST4 / Shark Bundle For Sale

    Hi all, I have an eMotimo ST4 for sale in new condition. It's only been taken out of it's box twice for testing. You can view the details on my Gumtree listing. Thanks!
  11. Shock Zoom

    FS: Dynamic Perception Stage R Pan/Tilt Package w/ NMX Controller

    Selling my lightly used Stage R Pan/Tilt package. This kit is fantastic and I wouldn't be selling if it weren't for the more expensive Sapphire Pro, which was just released. Purchased new in June 2016 for $1,465.00. Selling complete package for $900 or best offer. Price includes shipping...
  12. samstonehill

    Samuel Stonehill international time-lapse & drone showreel 2016

    I was asked recently to create a show-reel for a potential client, so spent one afternoon cutting this together. While digging through my shots I became aware that I have over 500 shots to choose from after my 3 years on the road. So, since completing this little film I have embarked on...
  13. samstonehill

    Gili Islands time-lapse, drone compilation

    I recently spent three days (for my 40th birthday) in the most awesome of places. Gili Air, just off the coast of Lombok. And I took with me my time-lapse kit & drone (DJI Inspire pro). On the morning of my 40th year on this planet I felt moved to write a poem, which you can hear me reading...
  14. CacheWest

    Selling Stage One PLUS Digital System w/NMX Motion Controller and 2 Stage R Rotaries ONLY $1800

    Purchased New May 2016, only used a few times, everything is in excellent condition. Includes everything listed below plus all cables, screws, straps and parts sent from manufacturer. Great motion control system. BDL-1-NMX1 Stage One PLUS Digital System w/NMX Motion Controller: Ready-to-run 1...
  15. Ron

    5-Day Advanced Timelapse Workshop in the Desert Southwest

    5-Day (and Night) Advanced Timelapse Workshop in the Southern Utah SOLD OUT* Instructor: Ron Risman Guest Instructor: Sean Parker * A second workshop was added due to demand. See our new post for the 3-Day workshop starting October 2nd. Join Time lapse Specialist Ron Risman and special...
  16. P

    Need help to deal with frustrations of using motion control kit

    Hey guys, I just start shooting hyperlapse and still learning different kinds of camera movement. I find it time-consuming to set up those motion control kit before shooting. and find it hard to have the camera movement in absolute control ('s impossible but I really want it) to get...

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