1. Nick Sullivan

    The timeless moon ...

    Rising and setting near Philadelphia, rural Nova Scotia and over the Boston skyline ...
  2. Don Whitebread

    San Francisco Sunset and Supermoonrise

    I made this a few weeks ago when there was a lot of buzz about the Super-everything moon. I knew the moon wouldn't be much different than usual, but the weather cooperated, so I did some research, found a good vantage point and made a timelapse looking over the San Francisco skyline and bay...
  3. Vincent Graf

    Become the Color | a timelapse short film | 4K

    "When the first sunlight of the day touches the skin of the earth the darkness fades to become the color." This is my first Timelapse film. All the timelapse in this film where taken in south Italy In September and October 2017. I went out on about 10 days and shot all these sunsets, sunrises...
  4. amandam

    Valletta Full Moon Rise timelapse

    Hey Guys, Here is a short time lapse of the full moon rising over the city of Valletta in Malta. It's probably my best attempt at the Holy Grail but there is still some jumping or flickering. I keep my interval and apeature constant, changing the shutter and ISO gradually as it got darker. I...
  5. Kai Gradert

    Rise – The Prediction of Everything

    Here is a short movie I just released on Vimeo: “Earth's orbit has been stable for billions of years. Without stability, we would not exist. To create life, we need stability and predictability.” Please give it a like, a share and a squeeze :-) Enjoy & thanks for watching!

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