1. Oliver232

    MAGIC MOMENTS on mount Pilatus | Sunrise | Milky Way | Mountain

    A short time lapse. Magic moments on a beautiful mountain I will never forget:
  2. Adrien Mauduit

    STARLIGHT: Deserts of Chile

    Hey guys, After such an amazing trip to Chile for the eclipse and nightcaps, I'm happy to share my timelapse work with you: Ever since I started astrophotography I’ve waited to visit the dark skies of Chile. I took advantage of the total solar eclipse of July 2nd to give me a ‘good excuse’...
  3. Patrick Cheung

    New Horizon Japan 4K

    Visit Japan one week and filmed this video. Hope everyone like it.
  4. Michał Janiszewski

    "Rhythm of the mountains"– discover the bauty of polish mountains... (4K timelapse)

    For the last 3 years, in my own projects, I have tried to show my beloved city – Warsaw in unusual way. In this year I decided to refer my attention to another part of Poland - Polish Mountains. PROJECT DETAILS: - we have traveled over 2,000 km; - we reached a dozen of peaks; - we walked...
  5. Ron

    Today Only - Special Deal for Lake Powell Timelapse Workshop (SEPT 10-15th)

    Good morning, I have one-spot left unfilled for a 5-Day Timelapse Workshop on Lake Powell coming up in about 10 days, from September 10-15th. I am offering a big discount to fill this last spot, but you'll have to email me or message me to find out the discount. This is a one-of-a-kind...
  6. Oliver232

    Sleepless night timlapser

    Helloo I started to take my first timlapse last December. My first goal was to take a timelapse from day to night. While doing that I took some shots of the stars and randomly got some small part that looks a little bit like the milkyway. That changed my life for ever. I couldn't wait until...
  7. mesut felat

    Hello from Turkey

    Hi timelapsers, Let me introduce myself to the community. I am a photographer and timelapser, i started timelapse photography for about 3 years, i first used canon 7d with an intervalometer then started to use magic lantern to do the timelapses. I usually like to do timelapse of nature...
  8. Hari Narayan

    Milky Way and Landscape Timelapse - HD&4K

    These are my First two Major timelapses! Hope you guys enjoy it! Feed backs are appreciated! P.S I guess i posted the first one in the wrong section before. sry about that.
  9. Hari Narayan

    Milky Way and Landscape Timelapse - HD&4K

    These are my First two Major timelapses! Hope you guys enjoy it! Feed backs are appreciated!
  10. gosky

    Sardinian Dream

    Hi there, I want to share with you one of my TL made in June around an Island called Sardinia! I really hope to receive some feedback and tips from all of you! Clear skies everyone!
  11. Ron

    Land Rover "Bridges to the Stars"

    Last spring I was hired to capture night-sky time lapses for this Land Rover film titled "Bridges to the Stars." For any of you that have already discovered the magic of capturing the night sky this film will speak directly to you. Land Rover did a great job of telling the story of the magic...
  12. Aaron Priest

    4K Timelapses, Panoramas, & Landscape Astrophotography - Demo Reel

    This is a demo reel of 4K timelapses, panoramas, and landscape astrophotography that I’ve taken over the past couple of years. Lots of bulb ramping for sunset, moon, Milky Way, and sunrise sequences. I put it together for a presentation I gave recently at a camera club. Locations: Bathurst...
  13. Maciej Tomków

    Behind The Timelapse - Namibia

    Hello ladies & gents, I just finished new Behind The Timelapse from Namibia in South Africa - one of the darkest places on our planet, perfrect for night photography and full of beautiful landscapes. A dreamplace for timelapse cinematographers. Official trailer is coming out at the end of...
  14. Mark Gee

    Wellington New Zealand Astro Timelapse

    Hi Guys, I've been shooting time-lapses for a few years now, but this is my first post here. I recently put together an astro time-lapse of footage I've been shooting this year around my home of Wellington, New Zealand. It was shot on a Canon 6d and I use the Syrp Genie and Genie Mini for the...
  15. Ron

    Dark Sky Journey through Death Valley National Park

    Timelapse Workshops presents a dark-sky journey through Death Valley National Park. Death Valley is well known for having one of the hottest recorded temperatures on Earth, but few realize that the park is also known as having some of the darkest skies in...

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