milky way

  1. kunze_moers

    Astronomy timelapse from Namibia - southern africa

    I created a time-lapse video in Namibia. In 7 nights at different locations, I specifically recorded the night sky with the Milky Way. The music of a South African street musician rounds off the impressive sky shots. Here is the video link: Gear used...
  2. Oliver232

    MAGIC MOMENTS on mount Pilatus | Sunrise | Milky Way | Mountain

    A short time lapse. Magic moments on a beautiful mountain I will never forget:
  3. Adrien Mauduit

    STARLIGHT: Deserts of Chile

    Hey guys, After such an amazing trip to Chile for the eclipse and nightcaps, I'm happy to share my timelapse work with you: Ever since I started astrophotography I’ve waited to visit the dark skies of Chile. I took advantage of the total solar eclipse of July 2nd to give me a ‘good excuse’...
  4. Nick Sullivan

    Enduring desert, eternal sky

    Hi all ... Here's a timelapse I just completed after a week-long journey to the Utah desert; the Moab area, Arches and Canyonlands National Parks ... an otherworldly place to see
  5. Asif Islam

    Short film on 'The Art of Night'

    I would like to share with you my short film The Art of Night, which is a short film showcasing the beauty of the night sky: from moon, stars, milky way, galaxies to the aurora borealis. Night sky reminds us that we are a small part of a huge Cosmos and provides us an opportunity to reconnect...
  6. Jiri Bajak


    JESENIKY 8K It's been almost 3 years since i release the first part called Jeseniky 4K, and I think it's time to launch another part... this time Jeseniky 8K. Technological progress has gone forward and so you can enjoy the view of Jeseniky such as never before! Almost two-year shooting of this...
  7. Marcel Gallaun

    WOODLANDS - Beauty of Austria | 4K Timelapse

    After over one year of filming my Timelapse short-film "WOODLANDS - Beauty of Austria" is finaly online. The short-film portraits Austrian Landscapes through all four seasons. Lean back and enjoy the beautiful Austrian nature. The film was mainly "filmed" with the Nikon D5200 and a Samyang 14mm...
  8. Asif Islam

    Short film on astronomy and light pollution

    I would like to share with you my short film on how light pollution affects the view of the night sky. It shows how the view gets progressively better as the light pollution reduces (from Los Angeles to Great Basin desert). More details in the description of the video. I got great response...
  9. Oliver232

    Sleepless in Switzerland

    Hi there I work on this time lapse since February 2017. We can see the galactic center of the milky way only from February until September in Switzerland. I took every chance I could to catch it... even the weather was bad and the moon still there. All I could do is try and hope that the clouds...
  10. Martien Travel Imagez

    Mt Bromo volcano

    Mt Bromo has been at the very top of my bucketlist for years, I just love volcanos and this is one the most photogenic. Finally time came to visit it and I wanted to do something more than shoot just some photos or a few time lapse scenes, so I decided to shoot a day/night time lapse movie when...
  11. TEMPONAUT Time-Lapse

    Ramping from Sunset over Moonset to Milky Way

    Here's one of my latest Time-Lapse Videos, a bulb ramp from Sunset to Milky Way. I needed 4 attempts with the "Ramper Pro", but finally I got it :) Hope you guys like it as much as me ;)
  12. Michael Zheng

    Starry, Starry Night at New Mexico

    Shiprock, King of Wings and Valley of Dreams under the night sky of New Mexico. C&C are welcome... Thanks.
  13. Brian Moore

    Discover Bracebridge, a 4k timelapse from Canada

    I'm excited to release my first complete Time-Lapse film "Discover Bracebridge". I've spent the last year (February 2016 – March 2017) capturing footage and have taken over 30,000 pictures for the film. The film showcases how the natural and urban landscape of Bracebridge changes throughout the...
  14. Adrien Mauduit

    THAMBO - The malawian skies 4K

    Hey guys, I wanted to share my latest time-lapse movie taken during my little spare time on my charity trip in Malawi last week. As I was accompanying a group of students from Odsherred Efterskole, Denmark on a trip to Malawi for a week, I took advantage of the little time off I had to...
  15. Michael Zheng

    Find My Soul In The Midnight Starry Sky

    Time Lapse taken at Racetrack Playa at Death Valley National Park.
  16. Mark Ellis

    Maui on My Mind

    This was a multi-year effort to capture all of the scenes shown, during several annual visits to Maui. It is meant to be a tribute to Maui. Thank you for feedback! Much appreciated.
  17. Zach Rogers

    "Awake" A Timelapse Project by Zach Rogers

    If you love the night sky as much as I do you might enjoy my film "Awake" This film was shot in some of the darkest areas of the United States over the course of 3 years. I love the desert, so I chose to highlight its uniqueness in this film. Hope you enjoy..
  18. Christoph Schlatter

    Lights over Switzerland II

    The second part of the time-lapse production "Lights over Switzerland". The images of this timelapse are all from Switzerland, mostly taken at night under the stars. The scenes were taken in the region of Valais, Graubünden and Bern on the most beautiful natural places which Switzerland offers...
  19. Adrien Mauduit

    A world in 4K

    Hi everybody! I have been pretty inactive on the forum lately, due to awesome shooting conditions in Denmark, where I was out almost every night taking shots of the noctilucent clouds! As the summer marks the end of the astrophotography season in Denmark (due to the permanent twilight at...
  20. Kai Gradert

    Rise – The Prediction of Everything

    Here is a short movie I just released on Vimeo: “Earth's orbit has been stable for billions of years. Without stability, we would not exist. To create life, we need stability and predictability.” Please give it a like, a share and a squeeze :-) Enjoy & thanks for watching!

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