1. Mattia Bicchi

    Madrid | Timelapse & Hyperlapse | 8K

    My 2020 Timelapse and Hyperlapse showreel it's all about Madrid, not because I didn't travel, but because it became my new home! With this timelapse, I wanted to showcase some of my favourite spot I shot in 2019! Thank you, Madrid for gifting me with the incredible skies at sunset and for the...
  2. Mattia Bicchi

    LIGHTS OF MADRID | A Christmas TimeLapse | 8K

    Hi guys! This is the first Christmas I spend in this incredible city, after moving from London, I thought that it would be a great opportunity to make a Time Lapse & Hyperlapse Film about the beautiful decorations that make Madrid such a great city to visit during this time of the year. To...
  3. ptimelapse

    Timelapse - My Trip To Madrid

    This is a video in the timelapse technique that recalls the trip I made in 2015 to Madrid to participate in the film festival Timelapse Showfest: I hope you guys, like it!
  4. jaicano

    Madrid from my balcony

    First of all, excuse my English. I 'm an amateur photographer I after more than 6 years of taking photos and timelapses the Skyline of Madrid, made this video, which summarizes my work on the 4 CTBA. Several cameras and lenses, and also from different places. I hope you like it...

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