1. inksurgeon

    The Peak District

    Hey guys, here is a selection of some of my favourite locations in the Peak District. Constructive criticism welcome. Maybe the clips are too long?? Poor choice of music?? All shot with canon 5dsr, Dynamic Perception stage R and stage one, and Lee filters 0.9 soft grad. Ramped with...
  2. Bernard Dery

    Charlevoix - Canada

    Hi, I would like to propose a video comprised of aerial drone shots, video shots and timelapses. The timelapses represent the most part of the video, as they are 12 total. This is a video the of region of Charlevoix, Canada. It took 3 weeks of shots, 3 weeks of postproduction for a 3 minutes...
  3. fred

    Moving Ice Timelapse Project- Icescapes

    Hello I would like to share with you my first real Timelapse Project. This Is the first multiple shot project that I have shot. It was a very big learning curve for me. I made many mistakes from missing dust spots too shooting entire mornings with the camera in jpeg instead of raw. But as a...
  4. DominicJames

    Introducing myself to the forum - DJ

    Hi everyone, Hope you all had a great weekend. Just wanted to introduce myself and share my first (proper) timelapse. I'm a pro photographer, based on the South Coast of the UK. I shoot mostly sports, lifestyle and luxury for clients all over...
  5. Guillaume Jaecques

    Issues with JPG in LRTimelapse instead of DNG?

    Hi, I'm new to the scene of timelapsing and currently in a learning process on how to implent LRTImelapse in my current workflow. I've experienced some issues when I use JPG photo's, that don't occur when I shoot in RAW. I know that a lot of photographers give the advice to only shoot in RAW...

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