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  1. M

    Long Term Photosentinel Mach II Time Lapse Unit - Brand new in box

    We purchased this in early March 2018 for a project that was cancelled before we even got started. It includes a brand new in box Mach II Photosentinel unit, solar panel, spare 500G swappable hard drive, mounting arm, instructions and locking device. Cost US$5550. Can take pretty much any Canon...
  2. billboquet

    Timelapse-services.com (Montreal Québec)

    Hello, my name is Joel, spécialized in Time lapse short and long term, located in Montreal suburban. I'm doing time lapse as hobby but mainly for business purpose. I could cover events, or construction (long terms). I have multi equipment (probably too many ;)) - Shooting with Canon 6D, Canon...
  3. billboquet

    Rooftop standalone for long term timelpase

    Hello, I'm looking for a source for a camera mounting to put on a roof of a building for long term timelapse when you don't have anything to attach so kind of a pole with weight loaded base to avoid to move (to install on flat surface). something similar to the one shown on picture attached but...
  4. Gonzalo San Cristobal

    Hello from Chile!!!

    Hello everyone, I´m Gonzalo, from Chile. I´m a full-time photographer working on different fields. Hope to get all the knowledge, tips and help from this community, since I´ve just been commisioned to go with an important construction proyect that will take three years to complete. Nothing...

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