1. R

    Selling a 5 Axis Kessler setup

    I have moved on and no longer do moving timelapses and would like to sell my kessler gear. I have a phillip bloom slider, CineDrive Brain with slider motor and focus motor. I also have CineDrive Pan/Tilt head. All has been up kept and maintained. I am asking for 7,200$ for it all. You will Get...
  2. simoune01

    Martin Cravatte's "Jusqu'à" - a Timelapse/Hyperlapse creative clip + BTS !!

    Hi guys! Here it is!! "JUSQU'À!" The new (and first!!) video clip of Martin Cravatte!! I had the pleasure to direct and edit it during this summer! It was such a memorable project with tons of new experiments : timelapse, hyperlapse, clone, freeze frame, split screen, ...!! Thank you...
  3. Ron

    5-Day Advanced Timelapse Workshop in the Desert Southwest

    5-Day (and Night) Advanced Timelapse Workshop in the Southern Utah SOLD OUT* Instructor: Ron Risman Guest Instructor: Sean Parker * A second workshop was added due to demand. See our new post for the 3-Day workshop starting October 2nd. Join Time lapse Specialist Ron Risman and special...
  4. Pascal Greuter

    Nature.Urban.Lights - a journey trough Bern/Switzerland

    Hi everyone I just released my new Timelapse Film "Nature.Urban.Lights" a few weeks ago. It's a journey trough some of my favourite places in the Region of Bern/Switzerland. I hope you like it.
  5. Pascal Greuter

    Greetings from Switzerland

    Hi everyone I am a freelance Motion Designer based out of Bern/Switzerland. I have a huge passion for Timelapse Photography and whenever I can, I go out and try to capture some beautiful landscapes, cityscapes or nightskies. I'm looking forward to share some of my experiences with you and of...
  6. Kai Gradert

    Kessler Camera Control Module

    The Camera Control Module is an inline interface box between the Oracle Controller and either a slider motor or Pan & Tilt Head. With the Camera Control Module, you are able to access and use the camera control features of the Oracle Controller to be able to trigger a camera. Use this as a...
  7. Kai Gradert

    Kessler K-Plate + Pair of Rods

    Not using this plate a lot, simplifying my gear. — $99 + Shipping ~~~ The K-Plate is a Kwik Release plate and all-around mounting solution designed to help keep your accessories organized. Built with CineDrive® in mind it provides the compact mounting needed to organize tools such as...
  8. Kai Gradert

    Kessler Low Profile Ball Head v2 (1/4"-20 Thread)

    Simplifying my photography setup. Never been used. — $99 + Shipping. ~~~ The Kessler Low Profile Ball Head is an easy to use, ultra-low profile ball head system with a heavy duty weight capacity. The strong locking ball has 62 degrees of total adjustability.
  9. Kai Gradert

    Kessler Cinedrive Multi Axis Camera Motion Control System

    "Kessler CineDrive is a revolutionary multi-axis camera motion control system that puts the emphasis on filmmaker creativity. Never before has any one system provided the power and versatility required to give users multi-axis control that is configurable enough to meet the needs of filmmakers...

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