1. Jiri Bajak


    Winter and spring season in Dolomites. Locations: Tre Cime, Lago di Sorapis, Alpe di Siusi, Passo di Giau and many more. Enjoy calm side of the lovely Dolomites :)
  2. Filippo Rivetti

    Bergamo - City of the Thousand

    I always wanted to make a video on my hometown and here it is! More info in the video description!
  3. Casper Rolsted

    VENICE in motion

    Experience a beautiful journey through Venice. The film captures the atmosphere of Venice through a series of unique timelapses and a detailed soundscape. Venice is both beautiful and romantic but certain areas can also be very hectic with many boats and tourists.
  4. Casper Rolsted

    Dolomites - a timelapse adventure

    Experience a beautiful timelapse journey through the landscapes of the Dolomites.
  5. Casper Rolsted

    The silence of the Dolomites

    My new film takes you on a silent journey through the Dolomites. This is the second episode in my silence project. Headphones of good quality are highly recommended.
  6. Zoeperkoe

    Un Minuto a Milano - Milan hyperlapse

    A little city portrait of Milan, Italy. I spent just under 1,5 day there, so I really had to work hard to get as much footage as possible. Some of the hyperlapses were shot handheld out of time-constraints and just weren't good enough. In the end, I kept around 4000 photos, which isn't really...
  7. Vincent Graf

    Become the Color | a timelapse short film | 4K

    "When the first sunlight of the day touches the skin of the earth the darkness fades to become the color." This is my first Timelapse film. All the timelapse in this film where taken in south Italy In September and October 2017. I went out on about 10 days and shot all these sunsets, sunrises...
  8. michele.col

    The light within dolomites | 4K time lapse

    Here's my last project, a time lapse journey chasing the unique light of Dolomites, showing how it changes in different conditions and times. Shot between 2016 and 2017 in Fassa and Gardena valley, using Nikon equipment and a DIY dolly. Let me know what you think! Michele.
  9. Cloudhunt42

    The Adamello-Brenta-Dolomites in the Italian Alps...

    The Parco Naturale Adamello Brenta is the last place in Italy where the brown bears could survive. It reaches Hights over 3000m and to move in this remote Area is a lot of walking on old military paths. Beside food and cloth and stuff was sadly not much room for Equipment. I think I need a...
  10. Casper Rolsted

    Cinque Terre - timelapse from Liguria, Italy

    Hello guys! My second timelapse film from my summer trip to Italy. Cinque Terre is an amazing place.
  11. Christian

    DOLOMITES 4K Time-Lapse

    I've had the chance to spend a week in the Dolomites in Italy to capture a time-lapse movie showing some of the beautiful mountains around that area. I've captured around 5000 pictures (didn't have more time :/ ). I used a a Canon EOS 6D, several lenses: Canon 24-105mm, Tokina 11-16mm, Sigma...
  12. Casper Rolsted

    Baia del Silenzio - timelapse from Sestri Levante, Italy

    Hello guys! A short timelapse film from my summer trip to Sestri Levante on the Italian Riviera. Beautiful area.
  13. Nicb

    My very first time lapse

    A short video of clouds. I make tl videos from a while actually, but this one is the first that I posted on line: Shot with Sony alpha 37 Interval 1 second 24 fps Critics and feedback are welcome. Thanks
  14. Nicb

    Hi everyone

    Hello, I'm Nicola from South of Italy, so my videos won't probably include those dynamic cityscapes viewed from tall towers, but will be more focused on nature. I'm a hobbyst painter and photographer and I really enjoy time lapse technique. I'm here to learn from more expert photographers who...
  15. Zoeperkoe

    "Legal advice" for shooting in Milan...

    Hi all, I will be spending some time in Milan in the near future, and plan to shoot some TL as well, and came across a TL shot by someone else who mentioned having trouble with the police about setting up a tripod in certain areas. Could anyone point me to resources where I can look up what...
  16. carport888

    Venice: Life and Light (Time Lapse & Hyperlapse)

    Hi all, This was taken over the course of nearly two weeks in Venice, Italy in early August, 2015 (with a little bit from a 2013 visit). C&C is always welcome! ~Dan
  17. Doug Richardson

    An Italian Summer

    Hello everybody... Here is the finished Time lapse video that I put together from my month in Italy last year. It is of 23 lapses all merged together with the right music for the theme.. This is my first full video, and first share on Time Lapse Network. Over 7000 photos, all shot on my Canon...

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