1. pettypoh

    re.flex.ion - art in timelapse

    A collection of some timelapse and hyperlapse videos I have shot in Singapore over the last few years, in a personal video project done over the weekend. Cameras Used Nikon D3100 & D7100 Music - "Between The Buttons" by French79
  2. OlivierMercier

    Hyperlapses in the Alps

    Hi, here is a quick video with HDR timelapse and regular timelapse I've made in the French Alps
  3. OlivierMercier

    Olivier From France

    Hi, I'm a professional videographer from France (Lyon) recently specialized in timelapse and hyperlapse I'm also doing wildlife shooting specially in the Alps Here some of my work shared by BBC Earth on facebook last September, enjoy !
  4. Tyler Fairbank

    Bonjour Paris | A Hyper-Lapse Film - In 4K

    Hi all, I just finished my latest time/hyper lapse project on Paris after weeks of editing. I would love any feedback or questions. It is only 2 minutes long so take a look! Tyler Fairbank
  5. Kairos

    Ljubljana - Dragon City - Hyperlapse

    Hi great community! Just wanted to share with you my short film of Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia.
  6. Zoeperkoe

    Showreel 2015 - Timelapse & Hyperlapse in the Netherlands

    Hi all, This is my showreel of the timelapse and hyperlapse work I did in 2015. Most of it was shot in The Hague and Leiden, with a few shots from elsewhere. See the description at Vimeo for technical details. Let me know what you think and leave a comment here!
  7. Rickyloca

    City of Arts and Sciences - Valencia

    Hi guys! here it is my very first short videoclip! =) It's the result of 9 days spent in Valencia last september, it's a great city to live in and the architecture is just fantastic! Unfortunately the Palau of las Artes was under renovation and wrapped in scaffoldings so I had to concentrate...
  8. Brendan Riley

    Nova Scotia, Canada Fall Hyperlapse

    Hyperlapse video of Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada and surroundings in fall. 7,928 pictures in 41 locations (including out-takes).
  9. Daniel Katanella

    Hi im Daniel fro Chile!

    Hi everyone im Daniel from Chile. Im starting in this really amazing activity. This is one of my time lapses hyper lapses videos of my city Santiago. Hope you like it and if you want comment. Made with a Canon SL1 and the kit lens 18-55.
  10. Sylvain Botter

    The Lausanne Experience

    If you want to go to the most beautiful places the Swiss city of Laussane then watching this short motion time lapse film will bring you to the destination. Within 14 days, this one year project has been done after gathering greater than 3600 photos which are produced frame after a frame. Using...
  11. pettypoh

    Singapore Celebrates SG50 - 2015 Timelapse / Hyperlapse

    Singapore '2015 Timelapse/Hyperlapse - Singapore Celebrates SG50 In 2012, my first Singapore timelapse/hyperlapse video showcased various places of interests In 2013, the video was a feature on the newly opened Gardens by the Bay In 2014, I made an attempt to create a night-time-only...
  12. trinkete

    Hong Kong Urban Tour, a collection of timelapse techniques

    Timelapse, hyperlapse, drivelapse, hdr timelapse, and a mix of timelapse with slow motion is the collection of shoots you can find in my latest project Shoot with canon 5d MKII Diy Konova timelapse slider system
  13. Patrick Cheung

    "Time" Hong Kong Timelapse and Hyperlapse

    Hi everyone! My name is Patrick Cheung from Hong Kong. I want to share my timelapse and hyperlapse video I did in Hong Kong. Hope you like it!
  14. Tim Dierickx

    Timelapse / hyperlapse Ghent [4K] by Tim Dierickx

    This is my timelapse video of Ghent (Belgium) as graduation project for the Bachelor in the Graphic and Digital Media. I made this video in 7 months. I used 6800 photos for this time-lapse movie. Camera equipment: Canon 60D with Tamrom SP 17-50mm. F.2.8 lens + Magique Lantern Post production...
  15. trinkete

    Hong Kong URBAN TOUR ,timelapse,hyperlapse,drivelapse and a combination of slowmotion with timelapse

    I decided to develop a Hong Kong tour in motion in the most creative way possible, i used for first time many things in this project, i made my firsts hyper-lapses , as well i made a DIY motor slider for my Konova K2 , i created a clamp system to attach my canon 5d MKII to everywhere for my...
  16. Chris B

    I invite you to CHICAGOLAND - TimeLapse / Hyperlapse

    Mine second attempt to hyperlapse. Some helpful comments would be appreciated.
  17. Alban Lebacq

    Festival Showreel 2015

    I just uploaded my Festivalreel 2015 :) Enjoy ! https://www.facebook.com/LebakPhotography/videos/vb.408772899263356/615163971957580/?type=2&theater
  18. carport888

    Venice: Life and Light (Time Lapse & Hyperlapse)

    Hi all, This was taken over the course of nearly two weeks in Venice, Italy in early August, 2015 (with a little bit from a 2013 visit). C&C is always welcome! ~Dan
  19. Irina

    Paris Day & Night

    Hi, I and my team made film about Paris in technique of hyper lapse and time lapse. Also we have a big article about creation of this film in English http://teeter-totter-tam.ru/paris_en and French http://teeter-totter-tam.ru/paris_fr
  20. Chris B

    Chicago Hyperlapse - "E-Ticket to Chicago"

    This is my first attempt to create hyperlapse. Whole project took me 5 months to finish. I know some ups and downs in this clip but would like to hear some other opinions. The most disappointing is a fact that uploading to youtube downgraded quality of my clip compared to original. I do not know...

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