1. pettypoh

    [ timelapse / hyperlapse ] ilight marina bay 2017 singapore

    The challenge - to complete the timelapse video within 1 week. The plan was to shoot for 3-4 days (or rather nights) of clips and edit within 3 days. I used monday to thursday for shooting (and rendering the timelapse photos into video clips), and planned for friday to sunday for editing. A...
  2. Marco Debus

    Four seasons of a city - Atmospheric 4k timelapse film from around the world

    Dear community, here is my second Timelapse film. It's a very atmospheric, special take on the impact of seasons (or the lack of it) on a city! It features places in Chicago, Karlsruhe, Santa Cristina d'Aro, Sant Feliu de Guixols and Bad Peterstal. Take a look for yourself:
  3. Marco Debus

    Karlsruhe in Motion - A 4k Timelapse Film about life in a city

    Hi community, I'm Marco! I'm a student of mechanical engineering and I'm a dedicated hobby photographer, especially with timelapse shots. I started to pick up the whole timelapse thing about three years ago and since then I can't let got of it ;) I'm doing all of my work with my first camera: A...
  4. Tony Stephenson

    Help/Advice needed on Hyperlapse flicker in v bright light.

    Hello all! I wonder if anyone can help with this one .... The short clip, I've put on Vimeo, was shot in very bright sunlight. V High contrast. I've been playing around a bit with tilt shift hyper lapse, with mixed results. Around 65/35 hit rate - worse in v bright sunlight such as here...
  5. Rodrigo "Greg" Rattazzi

    NIKE Hyperlapse on Instagram!

  6. mathieustanic

    Hypernight Lille - 4K Hyperlapse

    Hello, I share with you a video of Lille in Hyperlapse. Completed in the last month. I took advantage of the illuminations of Christmas and the lights of the city to highlight the capital of Flanders at nightfall. It is a video of 1min45 which summarizes this magic period mingled with the...
  7. Tomasz

    TL video 2016 SHOWREEL

    Hey, I did a short 2016 summary of my work. Enjoy :)
  8. Zoeperkoe

    The Hague Timelapse/Hyperlapse

    Hey all, My newest project is online: a city portrait of The Hague in timelapse and hyperlapse. It's the third largest city of The Netherlands after Rotterdam and Amsterdam and the seat of the government, but not our capital. Read on if you're interested in some more background information on...
  9. Mattia Bicchi

    Christmas Lights - A London TimeLapse Film - UHD 8K

    Hi Guys, As this might be my last Christmas in this incredible city, after 7 years living here I thought that it would be a great idea to make a Short TimeLapse & Hyperlapse Film about the amazing atmosphere and decorations that makes London such a great city to visit during Christmas time...
  10. Stefan Binder

    Leon Citylapse

    Hi, I wanna present you my first timelapse movie of Leon, Spain. It was a lot of work, but I really enjoyed the process of learning and trying new video styles. Question to the community: It looks good, but how can I do better? If I compare it with other professional videos, mine "sucks". I...
  11. trinkete

    Ghuangzhou timelapse and hyperlapse "express"

    I spent a weeking visiting the city of Ghuangzhou in China
  12. trinkete

    Hi I am Alex , a timelapser and videographer based in Hong Kong

    Hi: I am Alex Rodriguez, i am a timelapser and videographer from Spain based in Hong Kong since 2011. I moved to Hong Kong 5 years ago, at that time i was a videographer with a 10 years background from News and action sports videos. Since i live in Hong Kong and started to explore i started to...
  13. Martin

    Eurotrip 2016 - A Hyperlapse Journey

    Hello forum. I'm working since 7 years or so as a freelance camera operator, editor and photographer. This year i decided to establish my own company "ideja-media". Time lapse, aerial views, image & events and photography, that's what i'm doing. Unfortunately my website isn't finished yet, but...
  14. simoune01

    Martin Cravatte's "Jusqu'à" - a Timelapse/Hyperlapse creative clip + BTS !!

    Hi guys! Here it is!! "JUSQU'À!" The new (and first!!) video clip of Martin Cravatte!! I had the pleasure to direct and edit it during this summer! It was such a memorable project with tons of new experiments : timelapse, hyperlapse, clone, freeze frame, split screen, ...!! Thank you...
  15. Samim Qazi

    Doha Nights 2K

    Hi every one Samim here, 9 months of making this time lapse/ Hyperlapse, its main focus is Doha, Doha is the capital city of Qatar and the most beautiful part of it is The Night time when the lights are ON, here are 3 mins of it from different angles of the city, enjoy .... Equipment: Canon...
  16. Oliver

    Miami Derezzed - Finished my 2 years long project

    Finally, It was long and painful but I made it. Here is my Miami video You can also follow me at: facebook.com/Oliver-KMIA-1622032868057530 instagram.com/oliverkmia/ twitter.com/OliverKMIA Unlike cities such as New York, Paris or Dubai, no one ever did a real hyperlapse video of Miami so I...
  17. JonasHøholt

    Odense in a minute, a timelapse by Jonas Høholt

    Back in may I spent about a week shooting for a timelapse job of the city Odense, the third largest city in Denmark. Hope you enjoy
  18. P

    Need help to deal with frustrations of using motion control kit

    Hey guys, I just start shooting hyperlapse and still learning different kinds of camera movement. I find it time-consuming to set up those motion control kit before shooting. and find it hard to have the camera movement in absolute control (well..it's impossible but I really want it) to get...
  19. Christopher Burns

    Toronto Timelapse

    This is my project from summer 2015. I will be continuing to Timelapse Toronto and will add onto this video at the end of the summer. I was wondering if anyone has any tips they would like to share that could help take this project to the next level.
  20. Oliver

    Denver in 2 minutes

    This short video was made in 2 days in Denver, Colorado. Business as usual: timelapse, hyperlapse and drone footage. ► Music: The Three Corners of the Earth - Fire Shall Devour Them ► Hardware: - DJI Phantom 4 - Polar Pro Filters - Dynamic Perception Stage One & Stage R - Canon 6D (x2)...

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