1. Zack In a Box

    Sunset by the Gantries - A Motion Control Sunset Time-lapse by New York City

  2. Zack In a Box

    Seasons of NYC - A Time-lapse and Hyperlapse journey through the four seasons in Manhattan

    Seasons of NYC Time-lapse and Hyperlapse videos of the changing seasons in Manhattan, New York Watch the seasons change from Spring on 42nd Street and Madison Square Park to summer and fall in Central Park to winter in Long Island City. Over 30,000 photos captured over a 3 years to create this...
  3. Ian Skriczka

    Hello - Prague: A Day in Hyperlapse

    It took a lot of work to stabilise, but here's a short hyperlapse/timelapse journey that I shot in a single day while freezing my bits off back in 2015 on a cold day in the beautiful Praha/Prague, I decided to attempt a few long hyperlapses to take you on a little route through the city. Shot...
  4. Thomas Williamson

    Chengdu Hyperlapse Film

    Hey timelapse community. I'd like to share with you my second hyperlapse film, this time from Chengdu in the Sichuan Province of China. Would have loved to have had more time to capture far more. Would love to know what you all think!
  5. Nikos Spiliotis

    Music for timelapse/hyperlapse videos

    Dear Timelapsers/Hyperlapsers, I've been looking sometime for collaborators and I think this is the right place to talk with people interested in modern art/filmmaking and searching the right music for their video. Have a listen to my latest track of music Would be so happy to hear from...
  6. JonasHøholt

    Atmospheres of Aarhus

    Hi TLN, My latest timelapse project of my hometown, Aarhus, in Denmark has nearly two years of work behind it. My goal is to show the city through an unique persepctive, even the small hidden corners and the new architecture of the city as well. I didnt want to publish the video before I had...
  7. Arturo Mauleon

    Guanajuato Capital - Hyperlapse Flow Motion

    After more than 4 months of production, more than 8734 photos, more than 820 GB of storage, extraordinary people that support the production, etc; January 25, 2017 ends the last render of the project. Guanajuato Capital — Flow Motion lasts 3:30 minutes, has stereo sound design and is displayed...
  8. Mattia Bicchi

    My latest Hyperlapse/timelapse work for Ford

    I shot this video couple of weeks ago, commissioned by Ford to showcase the industry in Germany for the Frankfurt Motor show, which starts tomorrow. In one week I had to cover 2 main Plant in Cologne and Saarlouis, the research and design in Aachen and also feature the cities. Enjoy! :)
  9. D

    My first hyperlapse steps

    Last weekend, I've made my first steps into hyperlapsing. It was fun, but still need to work on my post-production workflow. Deflickering is something that needs to be done. But for now, I'm quite happy with my first results Greetings from Mechelen, Belgium Patrick
  10. trinkete

    Combarro Tourlapse a lovely fishing village in Galicia at the NorthWest of Spain

    Last year i need 4 months to shot all the hyperlapses, holy grails, motion timelapses, boat-lapses , walk-lapses and even some stars timelapse to create a tour around this lovely fishing village.Over 50000 pics Gear: Syrp Genie Sony a7s2/Canon 5d MKII Press Play and discover Combarro!
  11. Thomas Williamson

    Hey there

    I'm Tom, a photographer, film editor and timelapse lover. I've been working in film for quite some years now, but timelapsing and hyperlapsing are relitily new to my practice. I studied and worked in the city of Leeds, Yorkshire and had a great job working for a small film + video production...
  12. Thomas Williamson

    Leeds Hyperlapse Film

    Hey there TLN people. Just thought I'd try and share my hyperlapse film from Leeds in the UK that I created a few months ago. Would love to hear your thoughts. This is also an introduction to myself as it's my first post, so yeah...hello! Since making this I have moved from the UK to the...
  13. tylerbliss

    Calgary Hyperlapse

    Hi, I just wanted to share with you my newest hyperlapse/timelapse video. This one takes place in Calgary, Canada and was shot over 9 days in Fall 2016/Spring 2017. Enjoy!
  14. trinkete

    Shanghai timelapse and hyperlapse , a commercial video for The North Face

    I would love to share my latest timelapse/hyperlapse project in Shanghai, a promo video to show the new Urban Exploration store in Shanghai by The North Face The idea was to show Shanghai following a popular Urban Explorer (@Lamyock) around Shanghai and connecting the city with the new store. I...
  15. Christopher Burns

    Toronto Timelapse - The City We Live In

    Hey everyone, let me know what you think of my newest video.
  16. L

    Best College Timelapse/Layer-lapse?

    I've recently become very intrigued by a new form of time-lapse called "layer-lapse." This is a great layer-lapse/time-lapse video, created by Julian Tryba. Anyone else here play around with layer-lapse? Here's a layer-lapse he did for a prominent U.S. college. He also did one on Boston that...
  17. Patrick Cheung

    "HOMELAND" The other side of Hong Kong

  18. Patrick Cheung

    Timelapse and Hyperlapse photographer

    My name is Patrick Cheung from Hong Kong. My timelapse gear: Nikon camera, Manfrotto tripod, Syrp and Kesslercrane motion control.
  19. I

    Zagreb: Winter. Hyperlapse and timelapse.

    So, this is my first hyperlapse project and I've been working on it on and off for more than a year already, but the vast majority of work has been done in the last 4 months. Zagreb is the capital of Croatia and also my home town, so I time/hyper-lapsed it during winter to showcase it to the world.
  20. osfan

    Lapses- A Journey Around Boston

    This was a project that I had shot on and off for four years. The bulk of it was done within the last year. Enjoy.

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