1. Serge_phl

    Philadelphia: History in Motion Hyperlapse

    Hey All! I'm new to this forum, but wanted to share my personal project that I've finished earlier this year. Philadelphia was the very first capital of United States from 1790 - 1800 and is extremely rich with American history. The main emphasis was to capture the ever moving balance between...
  2. mfr_dale

    Miami Timelapse

    Hi Everybody! Here's a short timelapse film I created in Miami earlier in the year. This was shot alongside a corporate event I shoot in the states each year. Every hour I wasn't shooting the event I was off around the city attempting to get as many 'lapses as I could. I'd love to have gotten...
  3. JonasHøholt

    The Art of Hyperlapse

    Hi friends, Ive put together a small reel with new advanced hyperlapses from my home town in Denmark. I've been working on these techniques for quite some time and decided to show them. Shot only with a 5D3, a few lenses, tripod and intervalometer. More hyperlapses of the same style from other...
  4. Zack In a Box

    New York City Energy! - Intense Time-lapse videos around Manhattan

    New York City Energy! A Time-lapse video as intense as NYC. Watch day turn to night with the moon lighting the city in time-lapse and hyperlapse captured around New York City in iconic landmarks like Brooklyn Bridge, One World Trade Center, Statue of Liberty, Chrysler Building, Times Square...
  5. Scott Herder

    New York City in Motion - Flowmotion

    I aim to take you on a tour of New York in fun flowmotion video combining time-lapse, hyper-lapse and slow-motion techniques to bring the viewer on a journey through New York in a creative way. Over 15,000 still raw images were shot to create this video, the aim was to make it seem as close to...
  6. Tyler Fairbank

    Safari Botswana Flow Motion

    Hey everyone, My most recent work takes us through the many of the national parks in Botswana. As soon as I arrived, I realized the changing landscapes would be an important thing to include in addition to all of the wildlife. This is an impression of what you may come across if you were to...
  7. Thomas Williamson

    Manchester - Hyperlapse Film (A7Rii)

    Hyperlapse journey through the streets of Manchester City Centre, UK. Shot with Sony A7Rii and Samyang 14mm lens. Would love to know your thoughts! :D
  8. Oliver232

    Sleepless in Lucerne - Hyperlapse

    Hi there After my milky way timelapse "Sleepless in Switzerland" I started to work on my first hyperlapse in lucerne during winter 2017/2018. Now I just finished my new video "Sleepless in Lucerne". Have a look: Regards Oliver
  9. Yohlekid

    I am a traveling timelapse and hyperlapse photographer (showreel 2018)

    Hello beautiful time lapse network. First of all thank you Marco for allowing us to share our work. You created such a great place here. I was so happy to have one of my previews work (timelapse of the euro 2016 cup fanzone tour) featured on your website. Since then, my skills have improve and I...
  10. Zack In a Box

    New York City - Long Exposure and Motion Control Time-lapse and Hyperlapse Videos arond Manhattan

  11. Filippo Rivetti

    The Eternal City: Rome in Hyperlase

    Here's my latest video, a quick hyperlapse tour around one of my favourite city in the world, Rome! All sequences have been shot with a Canon 5D3 and a Zeiss 15mm f/2.8, edited in LRTimelapse and After Effect. The production of this video was almost an afterthought since I was in Rome just to...
  12. Ian Skriczka

    2 Days In Berlin - 4K Hyperlapse Film

    I had the awesome opportunity to spend 2 days in Berlin with my Canon 6D, Moza Air Gimbal, Edelekrone Slider & Syrp Genie Mini. Wasn't sure I could get much since the weather was pretty grey, but pleased wth how it turned out. Felt the B&W version worked really well with this awesome techno tune...
  13. DiegoGrimaldi

    Essence Of Jasper

    Essence Of Jasper (A short film about Jasper National Park) A time-lapse short film capturing the breathtaking Jasper national park, one of the many amazing natural wonders found along the Canadian Rockies. My wife and I visited the park this summer and this is my homage to this beautiful...
  14. mathieustanic

    Paris by Night in Hyper-lapse

    Hello community ! This is a short video of Paris by Night shot last month. If you have a little time do not hesitate to take a look at it. And if you like it do not hesitate to share it ! Good viewing ! Mathieu Stanic
  15. Patrick Cheung

    New Horizon Japan 4K

    Visit Japan one week and filmed this video. Hope everyone like it.
  16. Aravind

    A day in Tiruvannamalai

  17. DiegoGrimaldi

    Essence Of Vancouver

    A time-lapse short film capturing the beauty of Vancouver BC that, honestly, never ceases to amaze. I have lived here for 2 1/2 years and only recently picked up photography and was drawn to time-lapse and hyper-lapse photography right away. I was very much inspired by the work of Ryan Emond on...
  18. Ovidiu Lixandru

    Canon 600D: Why too much noise on 4K video?

    Hello everybody! I'm trying make a hyperlapse and a time lapse video with Canon 600D (EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II), but i have a problem. I try to do an 4k video but my night timelapse and sunsets are with noise (i mean when i zoom on the picture it's alot of noise) i play my video on a 4k TV...
  19. Zoeperkoe

    Un Minuto a Milano - Milan hyperlapse

    A little city portrait of Milan, Italy. I spent just under 1,5 day there, so I really had to work hard to get as much footage as possible. Some of the hyperlapses were shot handheld out of time-constraints and just weren't good enough. In the end, I kept around 4000 photos, which isn't really...
  20. Ian Skriczka

    Vert Hotel: Chamonix-Mont-Blanc

    http://www.verthotel.com/chamonix-in-timelapse A short timelapse film made for my friends at Vert Hotel (verthotel.com) in Chamonix Mont Blanc, France. Shot on a Canon 6D, Syrp Genie, Edelkrone Slider & DJI Osmo. Sequences available to license in 4K. Music by Project Timmy - Route 66...

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