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  1. leandroprz

    Memories of a Traveler - Take a trip through northern Argentina and Chile

    It took me 5 years to shoot a short film about northern Argentina and Chile, 10 months to send it to film festivals and today I'm uploading it to the Internet. You can see the short film here: English subtitles are available! Memories are a strange thing. They are similar to dreams in a...
  2. M Attef Ismail

    My Timelapse & Hyperlapse | Showreel 4K

    Hello My name is Mohamed Attef, i`m Timelapse & Hyperlapse Photographer Based in Egypt. This is my showreel...
  3. Ron


    MOAB: A 2017 Collaborative Workshop Film In 2017 we celebrated our 5th anniversary leading workshops, and it all started in Moab, UT. So this year's film is simply titled MOAB to celebrate the beauty of this part of Utah. I hope you enjoy this short 4 minute film captured by photographers...
  4. Ron

    Today Only - Special Deal for Lake Powell Timelapse Workshop (SEPT 10-15th)

    Good morning, I have one-spot left unfilled for a 5-Day Timelapse Workshop on Lake Powell coming up in about 10 days, from September 10-15th. I am offering a big discount to fill this last spot, but you'll have to email me or message me to find out the discount. This is a one-of-a-kind...
  5. Vadim Sherbakov

    Day to night and ND filters

    I have a question which I am not sure I can figure out by myself. I hear a lot and saw the tutorials where Pro using ND filters for smoother results. I do it myself as well at daytime, but what about when you start at day and finish late night (or beginning of the nigh, does not matter)? So in...
  6. Nathan Starzynski

    The Magic of Mount Seymour 4k

    I originally shared this to Vimeo one year ago today, but didn't know about this forum at that point. Now the one year anniversary seems as good a time as any to re-share. The film ended up achieving a Vimeo Staff Pick, as well as official selection in the National Geographic Short Film Showcase...
  7. ElemotionPhoto

    Rural Iowa Skies

    This is a time-lapse film we are proud to say is from our home. we hope you enjoy the short 3 minute view through the seasons with stunning sunrises and sunsets. Thanks for watching!
  8. Ron

    Moab Utah Workshop - One Spot Open

    We just had a spot open up in our 3-Day & Night Timelapse Moab Workshop. http://www.timelapseworkshops.com/moab-timelapse-workshop-may-23-2017 Join us for our 5th Anniversary in Moab and learn to capture breathtaking timelapses - day & night. You'll learn advanced holy grail techniques; how to...
  9. Stephen Patience

    RamperPro advanced exposure control (day to night time-lapse)

    Ever seen those awesome day to night time-lapses? This camera controller does it for you by fully automatic exposure ramping to achieve smooth non-flickering time-lapse compilations when shooting through dynamic and extreme lighting conditions. The RamperPro is an intervalometer that controls...
  10. trinkete

    Hi I am Alex , a timelapser and videographer based in Hong Kong

    Hi: I am Alex Rodriguez, i am a timelapser and videographer from Spain based in Hong Kong since 2011. I moved to Hong Kong 5 years ago, at that time i was a videographer with a 10 years background from News and action sports videos. Since i live in Hong Kong and started to explore i started to...
  11. Ron

    MOAB: A Timelapse Workshops 2016 Film

    I am proud to showcase our latest collaborative film from this spring's Timelapse Workshop in Moab, Utah. This year 26 photographers from all over the country gathered in Moab, Utah to learn how to best capture and create landscape and night-sky time lapses. The workshops consist of classroom...
  12. nicphtoton

    Timelapse Southern Africa 4K - from my 107 Days in Africa Journey

    I'm extremely happy to release my new timelapse film "Timelapse Southern Africa 4K"! filmed with a Canon 60D and the Syrp Slider. This is my sixth video about southern Africa, the amazing part of this continent, where I travelled for three an a half month this year. It's a place which encloses...
  13. Ron

    Day to Night Timelapse (and back to day again)

    I captured this timelapse two weeks ago while out in Las Vegas for NAB. While there I was testing out the Timelapse+ VIEW intervalometer to see how it would handle a complete day to night to day - about 15 hours total. This is a 2000 frame timelapse that starts in the afternoon and ramps into...
  14. Ron

    The TL+VIEW Advanced Intervalometer Launched Today

    A truly amazing new advanced Intervalometer was launched today - the Timelapse+ VIEW. Kickstarter Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/elijahparker/view-intervalometer-auto-ramping-and-wifi-camera-r?token=d3528aa1 I was fortunate to be able to shoot with the protytype for one day. You...

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