1. Z

    Solar eclipse timelapse: Help on settings

    Hello All, I am by no means any sort of professional or planning to be any type of camera guru. However, I have been tasked with setting up a camera to time lapse the whole day of the solar eclipse for my bosses personal wants/needs. I really dont know where to start, but I have the parameters...
  2. Sebastian Lelonek

    How much should I charge for my timelapse??

    Hi All, I have recently recieved an email from customer (museum in usa) with a request about permission to use some captures of tulips blooming from my timelapse: It suppose to be use as a background video/presentation for an exhibition made of all sort of art related to tulips. Exhibition...
  3. MischaB

    Graduating with timelapses

    Hey there! I'll keep it short; At the moment I'm working on a graduation project. I'm doing research for, and will be designing an app which will help anyone with creating a timelapse. No matter if you're already a pro with a camera or a noob with an iphone, anyone could use the app. (This...
  4. P

    A beautiful timelapse fail

    I made this time lapse from night to day but it didn't worked as I expected... Here's the link:

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