1. Chris B

    DIVERSITY - Hawaii Time Lapse

    It has been quite a while since my last time lapse film. Finally I was able to finish the footage waiting in line to be published. As always finding good music to feel the scenery takes a lot of time and sometimes is very frustrating. At last this score catched my attention and sound matched my...
  2. Gerardo "Tito" Paez

    Greetings, geology and volcano timelapses

    Hi everyone! My name is Gerardo and I'm from La Plata City in Argentina. I work as a geologist, so I get to travel lot and I'm also a landscape photographer. About two years ago I started to explore timelapses for shooting my surroundings while at work as a geologist, and so far I have made...
  3. Chris B

    HI - Lapse OAHU Hawaii timelapse video

    This time I would like to present my new time lapse movie from Oahu, Hawaii. It took me longer then I thought to finish this project but finally I'm very happy to share it with you. All feedback appreciated.
  4. Eric Chandler

    Infinite Hawaiian Kingdom (a time lapse and cinematic production)

    You are invited to escape for this moment, and enjoy a cinematic four Hawaiian Islands time lapse presentation. Please enjoy the below production, and Feel free to follow us at https://www.facebook.com/SimpleIconic/

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